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Chicken Rollaway Egg Nesting Boxes for a More Self-Sufficient Lifestyle

Updated on December 23, 2011
Four Compartment Rollaway-Nest with egg collection tray open.
Four Compartment Rollaway-Nest with egg collection tray open.
Four Compartment Rollaway-Nest with egg collection compartment tray closed
Four Compartment Rollaway-Nest with egg collection compartment tray closed
Back of Four Compartment Rollaway-Nest-Box
Back of Four Compartment Rollaway-Nest-Box
Eight Compartment Rollaway-Nest-Box from Cottage Craft Works .COM
Eight Compartment Rollaway-Nest-Box from Cottage Craft Works .COM

Thinking of farm fresh eggs? Then consider a Rollaway-Egg-Nesting-Box from Cottage Craft Works. Com

If you are considering raising your own chickens and having fresh eggs, you are not alone. As the economy continues to decline many are looking to get back-to-basics and farm fresh chickens and eggs are high on the to-do-list.

These uniquely designed nesting boxes look like the galvanized boxes sold and used for years, in fact many of the original ones are now in antique stores and on the walls in country style restaurants to add to the dinning d├ęcor.

The Rollaway- Egg- Nesting-Boxes from Cottage Craft Works are specially designed to allow the fresh laid eggs to roll forward into an upfront holding tray. This keeps them safe from chickens stepping on or pecking at them. It also makes egg collecting a snap, simply lift up the galvanized lid and the eggs are all lined up for easy collection. No more fighting the hen off the nest or putting your hand in a dark nest to get to the fresh eggs.

The Cottage Craft Works Rollaway- Egg-Nesting- Boxes do not have plastic lids or trays to break as others on the market have, they are also made of heaver 26 and 16 gauge galvanized metal. Others use lighter gauge metals along with plastic.

The initial cost of purchasing an already made chicken nesting box verses building one from wood may not be as much as you may think. Unless you already have salvaged wood to build these from scratch using new wood can get expensive quick, plus you will not have the rollaway feature.

The Cottage Craft Works two nest model is priced at $140 and the four nest model is only $192. When was the last time you made a trip to the lumber yard and spent less than $200 on lumber and hardware material to build a project?

Metal nesting trays are far superior over wood in the long run, especially these from Cottage Craft Works. They install with simple wall cleats so they can be lifted off and taken outside to power wash and disinfect. Wooden nesting boxes are hard to clean and disinfect from potential poultry diseases.

Nesting boxes are available in a two, four, and eight compartment nest models. One nest will handle 5-6 hens; four nests will generally provide a family with a generous supply of fresh eggs.

Nesting boxes come shipped flat and will need assembly using supplied nuts and bolts. You can purchase these at Cottage Craft Works .Com


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    • Donna Sundblad profile image

      Donna Sundblad 5 years ago from Georgia

      I'm not allowed to have chicken where I live...but if I could, I sure would! Maybe information I'll be able to use in the future!

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