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Chickens Chickens Chickens!

Updated on May 31, 2011
Snowdrop (nearest the camera).
Snowdrop (nearest the camera).

The big hen house in the sky.

Hello everyone out there in cyberland.

Had a very odd experience today, one of my many beloved chickens (snowdrop by name), dropped down dead. Yep you read it right first time, dropped down dead, right in front of me!

One minute there she was walking around, scratching at the dirt, pecking at this and that, basically doing all the kind of chickeny stuff a chicken does. Then all of a sudden she falls on the floor twitching her little life away, and then no more. She was defunct, kapoot, she was an ex- chicken. She had made her way to the big hen house in the sky.

Although I make light of it, it was a very un-nerving experience. I have never personally witnessed anything quite like it and was at a bit of a loss as to what to do at the time. All I really could do was stop the other hens pecking it as it lay there on the ground drawing its last breath. Could not work out why they did this, but fear not I have sent them all to bed with no corn for this disgraceful behaviour.

A little bit of internet research points towards Snowdrop being egg-bound. I never knew it could be a fatal condition, but I sure do now!

Although snowdrop is no more and is making her way upwards via an impromptu cremation as we speak, fear not. For I have up to ten chicks due to hatch out sometime in the next couple of days. So the garden will once again be a place of joy for all things chickeny.

Rest in peace Snowdrop.


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    • Skeffling profile image

      Skeffling 6 years ago from Wiarton, Ontario, Canada

      I hope it was just a one-off for you there. I know they can choke and all sorts of stuff too.

      We have three Partridge Chanteclers hatched so far. They seem to hatch over a few days with broodies and some were set a day or two later so fingers crossed, more by the end of the weekend! Thanks.

    • Roosters profile image

      Roosters 6 years ago

      Thanks for the advice Skeffling. We have another two hens from the same batch, and she was indeed two years old.I will keep a close eye on the others. Good luck with the chicks, let me know how you get on with them.

    • Skeffling profile image

      Skeffling 6 years ago from Wiarton, Ontario, Canada

      Sorry about Snowdrop. It is upsetting to lose a favourite. It does feel better to get to the bottom of the cause. Then you can hope to avoid it for another hen. It could have been an aneurysm, or heart attack or something if she was behaving normally right before.

      If they are egg bound, I understand they will spend all their time in the nest for a day or more, stand and strain. Walking around stiffly. Was she a production or commercial layer? Sometimes egg binding happens when they reach 1 or 2 years old and the eggs are huge and the equipment doesn't work as well as it used to. If your others are similar age and breed keep a close eye on them for straining and egg binding.

      Good luck with those chicks. We have 13 eggs under 3 broodies for later this week, hopefully.