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Chihuahua Eyes - Problems and Solutions

Updated on December 8, 2015

The Chihuahua dog breed is known to have fewer generic defects when compared to most dogs. However, it is imperative that you tend to any symptoms that arise promptly and appropriately, to ensure your dog is in tiptop shape. There are varieties of health problems that are distinct to the Chihuahua breed. This article will discuss eye problems in Chihuahua dogs. Additionally, the article will discuss the appropriate treatments.

As a Chihuahua dog owner, you may have noticed that the eyes of a Chihuahua are larger in relation to the size of the skull. As such, they tend to have eyes that protrude from their sockets, hence, more susceptible to injuries. Therefore, despite the fact that Chihuahua’s have rather healthy eyes, this is likely to cause some eye problems to your dog. Once this is done, take your dog to the veterinary immediately.


Proptosis is an eye problem in which your dog’s eye can actually be dislodged from its position in they eye socket. This normally happens when your dog receives trauma to the head. It is an emergency and you need to ensure that you rush your dog to the veterinary to get the attention it needs and save is vision. You can try to pull the eyelids wide apart so that they eye slides back into place. Nonetheless, constant pulling of the eyelids means leaving the area swollen and you risk adding injury to your Chihuahua’s eyes. Instead, it is advisable that you cover the globe using a clean and moist sponge to stop your dog from pawing out the eye.

Tearing or watering

This is normally caused by foreign bodies that irritate the cornea (Outer layer of your Chihuahua’s eye). It normally begins with your Chihuahua squinting frequently and having watery eyes. In case, there is watering from your dogs eyes, examine under the eyelids and use a saline solution to flood the eye. Alternatively, you can use a clean and moist cotton swab to take out any debris that may be under the eyelids. Ensure you do this any time you notice staining in the eye region to prevent an eye infection. You can also use Eye Clear to clean your Chihuahua’s eyes. Get the service of your trusted veterinary in case your Chihuahua does not improve after this procedure.

In case you find that there is watering around the eyes without squinting, then it means your Chihuahua has allergies or may have a tear drainage problem. A veterinarian can find out the difference by performing a simple test; therefore, it is best to leave such a problem to your Chihuahua specialist.

Keratoconjuctivitis Sicca

Also known as KCS or dry eye, this condition is serious and potentially blinding in case it is treated immediately. For the good health of your Chihuahua’s cornea, tears are essential. As such, when there are no tears in your dog’s eyes, they cornea dries out. Subsequently, it will become dull looking, inflamed and eventually infected, opaque and ulcerated.

When your Chihuahua has KCS, you notice a mucus discharge from the eyes. Your veterinary can do a simple test to find out if it is actually KCS. Treatment involves the use of tear stimulants as well as artificial tear replacements. Most cases are known to be the result of autoimmune response, whereby, the body obliterates the tear gland. Therefore, immune suppressive medication is considered a primary treatment for KCS. It is common for watering to occur in Chihuahua’s, therefore, if you do not notice any around the eyelids, this may be a sign that your Chihuahua has KCS. Ensure that you catch this condition early to increase the chances of success in treatment. However, when diagnosed by the veterinary with KCS, some dogs may require a life long treatment of condition.

In conclusion, most of these eye problems are preventable when you keep your dog’s eyes clean and check on them regularly. These are some of the most common Chihuahua eye problem. Read about other possible health problems your Chihuahua might encounter at


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