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Chihuahua Training Tips for Beginners

Updated on October 8, 2012

Dog Training the Chihuahua

This pint-sized dog has the attitude that he's the god of his universe. There is nothing that he or she can't handle. They don't see themselves as small as a cat, but feel they are bigger than the neighbor's Akita. They have the attitude that they should go their way instead of what people want. They can be temperamental, high strung and stubborn.

However, these tiny dogs have the heart of a lion. When they give their love and loyalty to a person or family they will stand by them in good or bad times. They seem to know what you are feeling. If you are happy, they are happy if you are sad they will be by your side.

They also have that look that many people cherish: Large brown, baby-like eyes, upright ears and a cocky strut. They love being the center of attention and they deserve it!

Chihuahua Intelligence

These dogs are extremely intelligent and easily bored. They need a lot of attention and activity to keep them from becoming destructive.

Chihuahua Training - Why Should You?

A well-behaved Chihuahua is a wonderful and devoted pet that will please it's owners.

An undisciplined Chihuahua will likely embarrass you and cause problems. If left alone, many Chihuahuas will bark, their high-pitched barking annoying the neighbors. If left outside they will chase cars or get into fights and that will cause even more problems.

Also you aren't giving your wonderful baby the thing all dogs need most. It wants to please you and fit into the pack. This is a strong need even for a Chihuahua.

Training Your Chihuahua

When you bring your Chihuahua puppy home it's confused and frightened. It's a good idea to bring something with the scent of it's mother and siblings on it to provide it some comfort.

Give your puppy a crate so it can have it's own room. It will provide a safe place for it to go and will be like a room that he can relax in.

Another thing that you can do is to take your puppy outside and make sure it does it's business in a specific place. Take it there every time it needs to go out.

Also say the word "out" so your puppy will learn when you say that word, it's time to go to the toilet. You can say any word, but be consistent and say it every time.

Make sure everyone in the house handles your puppy. This will make it easier for the puppy when visiting the vets or when you have to clip his nails. Also the puppy will learn to accept different situations with ease.

Train your little guy the word "No". Chewing up your shoes isn't what you want from your puppy. You've got to make the rules and abide by them.

Agree on a name for your little guy. Be sure it's a short name like "Fred", "Rosa" or "Chico". If it is too long of a name most likely he won't get it.

Training Sit, Down and Stay

Now after things are calmed down and the puppy has adjusted to the home and he's potty trained, it's time to start teaching him basic commands like "sit", "down" and "stay." Make sure to stick with one command until the little tyke has it down.

  • Sit - Show him a bit of food and then move your hand forwards saying sit. He will follow the food in your hand and he will sit. If he backs up while following the food with his eyes put one hand on his rear and then gently push down. Don't let him grab the treat, teach him to gently take it.
  • Down - Start with your puppy in a sitting position. Then take your hand with the treat in it and tap the ground with the other hand pushing down on his shoulder, while saying, "down." He will naturally move downward to get the treat. You may not realize it at the time, but he's associating the word with the action.
  • Stay - Make sure your puppy is sitting and say "Stay" make sure you stand by him for 10 seconds then release him. Always praise heavily when he does what you want. Also use a release term such as, "OK" to let him know that he can get up now. But remember that in the beginning you shouldn't expect him to stay longer than a few seconds.

No matter what you're training your dog, never lose patience. If your dog breaks command and comes to you, your first instinct might be to scold him. But look at it from his perspective: He just got scolded for coming to you. Next time he might just get it in his head to go elsewhere where the rewards are greater (after all, you'll just scold him).

What can you do? Nothing. Just keep your cool and lead the dog back to the exact position you had him in and try again. Keep it up, he'll get it. Dogs, especially Chihuahuas, are very smart.

Dog Training Collars

To help you train your little tyke, try using a dog training collar, there are many types and brands available.


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      7 years ago

      Great training tips. Consistency is key!


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