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Chihuahua with bald patches and coarse coat

Updated on February 18, 2012

Chihuahuas are considered as the smallest natural toy breed in the world. This dog is barely 5 inches tall but because of delusions of grandeur, this pocket sized dog can be a real tyrant. This dog though not only loves it people dearly as a Chihuahua can be a very noisy and protective watchdog. A Chihuahua is the ultimate lap dog, one that turns its owner into slaves. The dog exists to be loved and to be mollycoddled. This is why a Chihuahua owner would be very much concerned if the pet’s appearance is spoiled by bald patches and coarse coat. This breed comes in two types of coats – a short smooth coat that lies close to the body and a glossy, long fringed coat. Both these impressive coat types can be ruined by bald patches.

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Allergic and contact dermatitis are conditions that would result to coarse coats and bald patches not only on Chihuahuas but also in other breeds of dogs. Both conditions will have reddened very itchy skin as symptoms. Coarse coat and bald patches will be the outcome of the dogs relentless scratching and biting. Allergic dermatitis is commonly caused by the pollen and mold inhaled by the dog. Some dogs would show sensitivity to food and to the bites of parasites.  While allergic dermatitis will cause generalized skin reddening and irritations, the skin irritation resulting from contact dermatitis would be localized to the areas that come in contact with the irritant thus a dog can have bald patches on the neck where it comes in contact with the collar.

Nutritional deficiency

The coarse coat of dogs can be attributed to nutritional deficiency. Chihuahuas are noted to be fussy eaters thus it would not be surprising if these dogs would have health conditions associated with poor eating habits.

Hormonal problem

The coarse coat and the bald patches can be due to a hormonal imbalance. Dogs with thyroid hormone deficiency can also suffer from excessive hair fall that would result to bald patches. In the same manner a dog with an abnormal level of estrogen would have the same skin and coat concerns.

Fungal infections

Chihuahuas are prone to fungal infections that are commonly caused by malassezia and ringworm. Ringworm fungal infection is characterized by crusty red patches on the skin. These reddened circular patches are very itchy and when relentlessly scratched by the dogs would result to hair loss and raw skin.

Parasite infestation

Skin parasite infestation will make a dog’s life extremely uncomfortable. The bites of fleas would be very itchy. The dog’s scratching and biting will result to irritated skin, hair loss and bald patches.


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