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Childs Play for Parents "Your Pet"

Updated on November 2, 2011

Information About your Dogs

BY Patricia Ross Teen Voice

Do you know everything their is to know about your breed of Dog? I ask this question because people have pet dogs for different reasons as family pet, guard dogs and dogs for the blind. When I was a child I grew up in my household with learning how to take care of my terrier dog but had my share of kitty cats another article. As I can remember before 5 yrs when introduced to dogs or even younger animals with 4 legs for sure all of my senses became alert. As a child I remember sitting on the floor when I was given a little puppy for me to discover or was the puppy (dog) discovering me? The point of this is to have animals for your child to be exposed even if its fish in a fish bowl to discover because animals live with us here on earth. Our creator, created everything even the animals here on planet earth. As you know if you have ever observed a puppy (dog) when you give him a child to play with suggest not to a new born child nor a new born puppy to new born child because new born puppy still needs their mother for milk. Even if the child is older the proper care is needed for both child and puppy (dog).


Click on and read Article By Doctor Fostor & Smith about Your Puppy (Dog)

Let you child handle the puppy (dog) at a age when the puppy (dog) he/she can jump around. Also, not the size of a puppy (dog) that will make your child fall down but safely play. At first this will become a real discovery for the child actually a learning experience. If you decide to keep the puppy (dog) your child will learn how to play with the puppy (dog) and will keep your child company. Although, I had all the latest and popular learning toys they can't compare with your pet.


1). Your pet will help your child to develop thier emotions.

2). our pet will help you childs 5 senses to become more alert.

3). A pet will inter-act and play with your child and return love.

4). In the household I was the only child and my pets help me not to feel alone.

5). If you have teenage children it is still not to late to incorporate a pet in your home. Your teenager can learn responsibility, reliability and time management even if you make it into a special project.

Even the ant such a small crature knows the art of how to build the path ways to thier home with responsibility, reliability with time. (Some say Instint) The questions becomes have our Youth learned behavior which is taught and how will you teach the Youth your in contact with or around you?


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