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Chinese Fur Farms - Animals Skinned Alive

Updated on September 19, 2012

Animals Skinned Alive - China Fur Farms

I am OUTRAGED !!!! The "Chinese Fur Farms" are horrifying to say the least, words can not describe what I just watched, but I can tell you I cried my eyes out watching what I seen. It was just about unbearable to watch, I had to pause it a few times just so that I could gain my composure, mentally, emotionally, and yes physically,.. Because I so wanted to reach into my monitor and pull those EVIL $^*())**^%^$^ out of my screen and,… well,.. that’s for me to know.

I am not going to download this video because it is so graphic and heart wrenching, but I will provide the link, for those who feel they can stand up and observe the harsh truths of what really goes on in these so called fur farms, which can be more realistically called Animal Reality HELL on earth ! The video contains footage of a variety of animals being skinned alive,… and for some of these animals, they are totally skinned ALIVE FROM HEAD TO PAWS and then their bloodied bodies throw in a pile, where they look around, SKINNLESS until they finally die, which it has been reported it can take as long as 2 - 3 hours.


Here’s the link, once again let me remind you it is VERY GRAPHIC, and not for those with weak stomachs, or for the eyes of younger ones.  Supplies needed - box of tissues and maybe a barf bag. Seriously, I'm not saying it to be funny !!!


Did You Know ????

* The United States receives more than half of the finished fur garments from China !!!! Making it the leader in fur products, and its known for its lack of regulations and transparency. Even in the U.S. there is no federal laws governing the issue !!!

* Most fur garment’s are labeled MADE IN THE EU - When in fact it was made in China !!! Why ? Because it is said the fur farms in the EU is a little more humane, so those buyers get the illusion it’s okay, its more acceptable.

* Each Year Over 50 MILLION Animals are put to death for their fur !!! To put that into prospective I’m going to break it down for you,…

Number Of Animals Needed To Make 1 (ONE) Fur Coat -

Squirrel coat: 60-100 squirrels

Beaver coat: 10-12 beavers

Raccoon coat: 27-30 raccoons

Mink coat: 60-80 minks

Fox coat: 15-20 foxes

Wolf/Coyotes coat: 10-15

Lynx coat: 12-15 lynx

Rabbit coats - (No reliable data is available due to the high numbers killed worldwide for their fur, but it is estimated that anywhere from 300 Million to 1 Billion are killed yearly)

* Dogs, Cats are also found in the China fur factories !!! About 2 Million dogs/cats a year is slaughtered for their fur. More video on this issue,.. Once again,.. Caution,.. This video is graphic !!!




1) Sign The Petition -

2) Spread this story around like WILD FIRE !!!!!!!!!!! E-Mail it, Tweet it,.. and Post it on ALL your social sites !!! Ask for friends & family do the same.

3) Quit wearing the coats GOD gave to the animals to wear !!!  We are not living in the olden days, we can make our own now, without spilling blood !!!


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      dont wear fur it is the worst thing that had happan i am never ever going to buy fur or leather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image


      6 years ago


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I didn't know this. I wish I didn't know it now.

      Up and useful.

    • Animal World profile imageAUTHOR

      Animal World 

      8 years ago

      I hear ya Barb,.. I personally never owned or wore a real fur,.. even if I had the money to buy one I wouldn't,.. I couldn't. But,... I have purchased those toy mouses with the so called fake fur for my cats,.. come to find out while researching,.. that faake fur - probabaly isn't fake, but that of a cat or dog. The fury lining in gloves, in a lot of cases is also dog and or cat fur,.. the labels are decieving on things items as well.

    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 

      8 years ago from USA

      I will never purchase anything fur ever again.


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