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Choosing Arabian Horse Costumes

Updated on November 12, 2010

Elegance defined

Choosing the Best Arabian Horse Costumes

Elegance defined, a beautiful Arabian horse, decked out in a colorful native costume, is truly a sight to behold. Native Costume is a favorite show class in Arabian horse circles, and there are few things that can bring a crowd to their feet at any horse show like the sight of these glorious animals prancing proudly around the arena wearing regal, flowing, well designed, dramatic, authentic Arabian horse costumes. There are many choices to be made when one is looking to attire their own Arabian in one of the many Arabian Horse Costumes available.


Many Arabian horse costumes are available in a number of colors and coordinated color combinations. Different colors of costumes compliment different horse colors. A bay or chestnut horse with reddish tones in their coat will look amazing in green and gold, a black horse will really offset a red or royal blue, ivory, or silver outfit and a grey horse always looks amazing in turquoise, teal, or any bright jewel color.


These costumes are frequently unisex in their design and they should always allow for the motion of the horse without concealing the beauty of the animal beneath. A well-designed Arabian horse costume will enhance the horse’s natural beauty, not conceal it. Most outfits come complete with a headstall, a breast collar, and saddle cover/blanket. Most costumes are replete with embroidery, fringes and tassels and are designed not only for eye appeal but also for comfort and breathability for the horse. The complete outfit will often weigh around 12 to 15 pounds.


Because so many of the Arabian horse costumes available today are handmade with great care and skill, the costs can vary from around $500 for a used costume to several thousand dollars for the more elaborate custom creations. The average price for a well designed, comfortable, beautiful Arabian horse costume is around $1,500 USD. 

Over the course of history, few people have had the connection with their horses that the Bedouins had with their lovely Arabian horses. Their tradition of decking out a beloved Arabian horse in finery continues in many Native Arabian Costume classes around the world. So if you have ever dreamed of riding into the winners circle looking like an authentic Bedouin astride a magnificent Arabian horse sporting full native attire, consider purchasing one of the beautiful Arabian horse costumes that are available on the market today and take your place with the fortunate few who get to live out this dream.


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    • profile image

      arhaan 6 years ago

      nice dress

    • profile image

      chelsey goedecke 6 years ago

      The costume pictured above is one of my designs. Check out my website to see my other creations at affordable prices.