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Choosing Pet Safe Wrapping Paper

Updated on December 6, 2012
Kitsune opening one of his Christmas presents - Christmas 2011
Kitsune opening one of his Christmas presents - Christmas 2011 | Source

Christmas is right around the corner. Not having any kids myself, I always seem to go a bit overboard buying my dog Christmas gifts. Just like a young child, most of the time he seems to have more fun tearing open the wrapping paper than he does with the gifts themselves. Being the safety conscious pet mom that I am, I began to wonder just how safe normal wrapping paper is for my dog. Pets, after all, usually open their gifts with their mouths.

Did you know that most wrapping paper can not even be recycled? Many types of wrapping papers contain non-paper additives - decorative items such as glitter, colored foil, and even plastic. Wrapping paper contains chemicals and inks that may be toxic to our pets if consumed. Foil or plastic coated gift wrap is not digestible, and thus could potentially cause impaction if consumed by pets.

So what alternatives are there to using regular wrapping paper for those of us who don't want to give up wrapping presents for our pets? Many pet owners seem to feel that using regular wrapping paper is ok, as long as you monitor your pets to make sure they don't consume any of the paper. Did you know that there are companies now that actually manufacture non-toxic, pet safe wrapping papers? Pet Party Printz is a company that not only creates non-toxic paper in cute pet friendly designs, but they also sell paper with a pet safe adhesive built right in, so you can avoid using tape on your pets gifts as well!

Alternatively, you can consider using cheap and non-toxic papers, such as butcher block paper, recycled brown paper bags, or old newspapers (with soy based inks) to wrap your pet's gifts. After all, our pets don't really care what the paper their gifts are wrapped in looks like. Just be sure to be careful with items such as tape, ribbons, and bows, as they can present choking or impaction dangers to our beloved pets.

Christmas is a fun time of the year, and many pet owners like to give their pets gifts. By making our pet's gifts as safe as possible, wrapping included, we can help to insure that our furry family members have a safe and fun holiday!


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