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How to Choose the Dog Breed for You- About the English Bulldog

Updated on April 9, 2013


The term "bull" comes from the original use of this dog in bull baiting, a popular sport in London back in the 1800's. English bulldog history in general, however, dates back to the 1500's. Back then they were courageous, aggressive, and ferocious. Attacking from the bottom up, going underneath and aiming for the neck, the bulldog could attack full grown bulls.

45 lbs. (males), 35 lbs.(females)
12-16 inches (31-40 cm)
Smooth, fine, short, flat, sleek
red, fawn, white, brindle
Life Span
8-12 years
Other Features
Wide shoulders and massive head


Head: The head and face of the English bulldog is what sets it apart from the crowd and makes determining the breed easy. Their massive, blocky heads, hanging skin, wrinkles, drooping lips, and in some cases an under bite, give them a distinct look.

Nose: Unlike many other breeds of dog with a long snout with a nose on the end, the Bulldog has a flatter face, with a short snout, giving them the appearance of having a smashed in face. They also have a fold of skin above their nose called ‘rope’.

Coat: Due to the short, sleek coat that lies flat against their bodies, bulldogs are one of the most low maintenance dogs, as far as grooming goes. Like any other puppy, you should get your bulldog puppy adjusted to nail clippings right from the start, though an active bulldog will wear his down on his own, for the most part. They also need regular tooth and ear cleanings, as well as some good rub downs on their short hair and in between wrinkles. The only reason a bulldog would ever need a bath is if he got into something icky.

Tail: Bulldogs are one of the few breeds out there with short tails that are not cut or docked. They grow short naturally!

Due to their love of being inactive, bulldogs are pretty much meant to be apartment dogs.
Due to their love of being inactive, bulldogs are pretty much meant to be apartment dogs. | Source

Behavior and Intelligence

Things have changed since the English bulldog’s bull baiting days. They no longer thrive on that ferocious, aggressive behavior, but have not lost their strong determination.

English bulldogs are great apartment dogs. They don’t require a yard and they’re not active indoors. They are the perfect indoor dog breed. They require one daily walk, but they don’t generally seek out any more exercise than that. Due to a primal canine instinct to migrate, a dog without his daily walk is more prone to behavior issues. They also prefer temperate climates. They can have trouble cooling off in hot weather.

In general, English bulldogs are described best as very affectionate, dependable, loyal animals that are very gentle with children. Though, because of their history, they are very determined and persistent. They require a lot of human attention to achieve happiness.

Health and Lifespan

The lifespan of the English bulldog is usually eight to twelve years, though sometimes it is much shorter than that.

They are somewhat prone to breathing problems and eye problems. Due to their difficulty cooling off in hot weather, they are also at risk for heat stroke. They’re also susceptible to skin infections and hip and knee problems.

Their daily exercise is not only important for behavioral reasons, but also for preventing them from becoming overweight and developing heart and lung problems, as well as joint issues.

It is said that they are “the most relentless farters in the canine world,” but we love them just the same.


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    • twinstimes2 profile image

      Karen Lackey 

      7 years ago from Ohio

      Informative hub, Cheds! Nice job!


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