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Choosing a Sugar Glider Cage

Updated on August 14, 2010

Sugar Glider Baby

Sure they start out small that doesn't last forever.
Sure they start out small that doesn't last forever.

Choosing the Right Sugar Glider Cage

Choosing a cage for a Sugar Glider can be a difficult one if you are new to keeping them as pets.  The best advice I have for Sugar Gliders is to buy the biggest cage you have room for.  Not money for because you will have to upgrade again if you go cheap.  Sugar Gliders need a lot of room to roam around in the cage they may stay in their pouch all day but at night it's party central.  I recommend attaching two flight cages together that way you have the width and height to ensure adequate roaming space.  Also make sure that the wire spacing is narrow enough so they can't squeeze out.  My cage I bought was 6 feet high by 5 feet wide and 3 feet deep.  Another thing people do is take a large book shelf like the 5 or 6 shelf one from wal mart and staple the thick square mesh to the front and then you can drill holes for the branches for the Sugar Gliders to climb on.

Sugar Glide Cage Safety

After picking out the cage. I recommend the 5 above.  You must inspect the cage to make sure their are no escape areas.  That includes zip tying any sliding cage parts that would create a opening.  Making sure their are no sharp edges or gaps in the wire if so bend them closer together.  Before putting the gliders in the cage make sure all the branches and ledges are secure.  The best way to introduce them to the cage is to attach the pouch to the inside fo the cage and let them come out and explore.

What happens if they escape? Don't panic sugar gliders don't go all that far usually they are in a dark warm spot like a dirty clothes basket or between couch cushions.  The best way to lure them back is to just lay their pouch out at night and usually presto their back in it in the morning.  Also leave the cage door open and fill with food and leave another pouch in the cage with food in it and they usually climb up and sleep.


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