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Choosing a dog, our border collie puppy!

Updated on June 11, 2011

Are you trying to make the difficult step of choosing a dog? Not just whether or not to get a dog, but also the tough choice of which breed to choose? Well having recently gone through the same dilemma myself and finally decided on our Border Collie puppy, Storm.

Like us, you have probably read dozens of online articles and books and been totally bamboozled with just how much there is to consider when contemplating a dog and deciding between the many different breeds. Well Ive tried to simplify and illustrate the thinknig process we have gone through over the past few months. Not just in choosing a breeder and breed, but also how we chose a puppy from the litter.

Choosing a Dog - meet our pup Storm!
Choosing a Dog - meet our pup Storm!

Why do you want a dog?

There doesn't have to be one single reason for choosing to own a dog. In fact its probably for the best that you hold several reasons. Just liking dogs is never going to be enough to get you out on winter mornings giving your dog the exercise it demands. For us, we wanted to own a dog for multiple reasons. As a young couple we wanted a pet that gave us a reason to do more, a pet that would get us choosing improving our health with a brisk walk rather than another night in front of the television. We wanted a pet that we could invest our time in and enjoy the friendship and unconditional love a pet can offer. We recognised that owning a pet can be a great stress-buster and that on average dog owners live longer, healthier lives.

To us, those semed very compelling reasons to get a dog. Of course we like dogs as well, which has to be a help!

Which breed of dog?

It would be far too easy to become seduced by the looks of a specific dog. Far too often you see dogs that have been bought as a status symbol or seems an entirely inappropriate choice for its owner. For sure, let looks be one of your defining factors, but fundamentally you need to decide on the type of dog your lifestyle suits first. For us we had a dilemma on our hands. We only own a small property, but are young and active, with plans to become even more so. We enjoy weekends away in the rural areas of the UK. Taken purely on the basis of our accommodation, a small dog would have been best. Yet what would have happened on a long walk in the countryside? Our dog would be restricting us rather than encouraging us!

The alternative we chose was to get a more active dog and ensure that we had the time and lifestyle to devote to its needs. Yes, our home isnt perfect for a Labrador or Border Collie, but our lifestyle certainly is. Think carefully about just what sort of daily routine you can give your dog and whether realistically you can maintain it for its entire lifespan.

Choosing a puppy from the litter

Before we went to choose Storm, we spent a long time reading everything we could on which pup to choose. We must have read a dozen different theories. So confusing did we find it all, that in the end we made up our own. We knew what breed we wanted and found a breeder that seemed responsible. Before visiting the breeder we spent some time in communication with them. Asking them questions as well as explaining our circumstances and picking up some tips. We feel we built a good rapport beforehand and that certainly helped when we visited. Choosing a dog would have been a lot more stressful without the time we spent on getting to know the breeder.

Our breeder had two boys and a girl. We met the parents (very friendly mum and slightly nutty and larger than average dad) and soon warmed to a very good looking inquisitive male and the smaller, friendly and reserved female. It was a bit of a coin toss really, but in the end we went with the pup that we felt best represented the parent we would prefer.

Needless to say Storm is gorgeous, and hopefully with a lot of dedication on our part she will grow up to be a welcome addition to our family.


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    • profile image

      Memories1932 6 years ago

      We are lucky enough to have a border collie,we don't think of him as a pet, he is family a very important part of the family.I hope you enjoy your border collie as much as we enjoy ours

    • lschartman profile image

      lschartman 6 years ago from Maui

      Good luck with your pup! Happy training. . .

    • dosburros profile image

      dosburros 6 years ago

      Hi denise, thanks for your kind words. Storm is certainly adorable and we cant wait to pick her up!

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      I love border collies and would love to have one. This little one is adorable. Lucky you. Great hub!