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Choosing the best cat litter

Updated on September 24, 2008

My trial and error experience in searching the best litter


I own two cats that are well litter box trained, but most importantly, I also own a husband that has a very sensitive nose. He can sense the slightest smell of cat poop upon coming home from work. As a consequence, I have been searching for that "perfect litter" that would make him stop from making his "nosy comments" each day.

It took me some time, but eventually I think I have found the perfect litter. I will go through the types of litter I have came across and give a brief review of each of them. I also must admit that when it comes to smells, your choice of litter box will play a vital role as well. The covered ones have worked the best for me, however, I wish my cats would give me their opinion as well, since the odors may be stuck inside.

Now to my litter box trials.

- Cheap store brand litters. These are the first type of litter I tried upon getting my kittens. I was not a savvy cat owner at that time and I was just thinking about saving money. The truth came out shortly, after my kittens first pees and poops. You can save money on litter but trust me, odors will make you hope you spent more.

- Scoop Away Clumping litter. I upgraded then to clumping litter. The pees clumped into one big chunk making it easier to scoop out, but yet the odors were still lingering in the house. I did spend more money but it still wasn't worth it.

-Arm and Hammer. This was my next upgrade. The litter still clumped nicely but it also had a fresh scent. The added baking soda was doing the work. I thought I had finally found the perfect litter. My home had a nice smell of freshness and my hubby agreed. However, 4 days later, the poop smell prevailed. So I was back to the drawing board.

-Feline Pine. I have heard great things about this litter. It is natural, can be flushed down your toilet and veterinarians have approved it because it does not produce dust as other litters. The smell was wonderful, I felt like I was deep in the woods amongst secular Sequoias. The first drawback though was that my scooper would also catch the pellets along with the poop thus, making me waste a lot of product. I then found out Feline Pine sells special scoops that have a thicker grid so the pellets would be retained. However, I have not invested in it because I got a second drawback shortly thereafter. The cat's urine turned the pellets into a thin sand that the cats ended up carrying along the room. Then, after the fifth day I did not feel in the woods anymore but in a feline restroom. I gave up when my hubby came back from work with his usual comment.

-Finally,after all my trials and errors, the official winner: Silica gel based litter.

I have tried various brands such as Litter Pearls, Tidy Cats Crystals, Fresh Step Crystals and they have all worked out great. The crystals really absorb odors, and it is already a week and no complaints from hubby. This litter lasts long, it states one bag per month for one cat, I have two so it lasts about 15 days. It does cost more but it is certainly worth it. However, it may take some time for some kitties to get used to it. Some brands say to mix it with the normal litter previously used in order for your cat to get a hang of it. Mine got used to it pretty fast.

I am not changing litter type anymore. The cost of the crystal litter can be higher but the scent in my home is fresh now and the fact I am not hearing my hubby nagging anymore is pretty priceless for me. If you are searching for the perfect litter, look no more.

I hope you give crystal litter a try. You will find you can't live without it, and best of all, your home, your cat and your nose will certainly thank you!


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