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Choosing the best kennel

Updated on June 20, 2011

A kennel for every occassion

 Having a kennel gives a dog its own special place to call home. A piece of territory where it can feel safe and rest between walks and play. Instinctively dogs in the wild would look for, or dig, shallow holes in hard to find areas where they could rest and feel safe from predators. Areas that were just big enough to lie down and turn around in. Even domesticated dogs have retained this instinct and enjoy having a kennel of their own. Of course if your dog sleeps outside then a kennel is often an essential requirement to provide shelter and comfort.

In this article we examine a wide range of kennels for your dog. From indoor cages to the practical outdoor kennel that a working dog may need. You'll find a kennel for every budget and we'll even take a look at a kennel for the more pampered pooch!

Indoor Kennel

Whether it be for a new puppy of the training of an existing dog, an indoor kennel (or crate) can reduce house training times by a half. Puppies and dogs can be destructive when allowed to roam the house unsupervised. Crates are recommended by vets and dog trainers as a great tool for encouraging appropriate behaviour in your canine. Not to be used as a punishment, an indoor kennel provides a secure resting area for your dog.

This competitively priced folding metal dog crate comes in a range of sizes and has two doors to allow use in numerous locations or in the car. With a composite plastic base and an internal divider (to allow the space to grow with your puppy) it has hundred of online reviews from satisfied customers. An indoor kennel is very good at quashing dog owning sterotypes of ruined furniture and chewed slippers!

Indoor playpen

For young puppies and kittens a great way to allow them some freedom and exercise when you aren't there to supervise, and indoor kennel or playpen can provide the answer. A playpen can also be useful for introducing new pets to existing ones, allowing them to share your home without having immediate contact. They can also be useful for providing a safe area when visiting friends or holidaying. This pen has a removable, washable base and folds quickly for storage or transportation.

Outdoor Kennel

For a dog that spends a significant amount of time, or indeed sleeps outside, a safe and dry location is essential. A good quality outdoor kennel fulfills a dogs instinct to find somewhere secure to rest and sleep. an outdoor kennel should ideally be waterproof and just large enough for your dog to turn around in and lie down, no bigger. This particular kennel is made of cedar, which dogs generally dislike to chew and is a repellant to fleas. A stylish kennel such as this can enhance your backyard whislt providing comfort and functionality.

Outdoor kennel with run

All dogs demand some outdoor time. This may not always be practical if your dog is still young and untrained, is recovering from illness of if your garden is not secure. Purchasing an outdoor kennel or run is no replacement for regular exercise but can be a useful option in many circumstances.

The ultimate kennel?

Wow, you really love your dog and want to give him a home to make the neighbours jealous? Well look no further, here are a couple of luxury kennels to make any pampered pooch feel truly loved.

The Barn. This kennel is built with the needs of an outdoor dog in mind. The raised barn offers total protection from the elements. The barn is secure and dry providing an ideal sleeping environment for your dog, whilst the outdoor porch allows your dog to rest from the sun (or rain!) and see what is going on in the world outside. Finally, removable roof and floor panels allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Finally, why give your dog a kennel when you can give him his very own home! This luxury dog home has a composite floor for easy cleaning, two working windows and sturdy chain link fence. You'll need plenty of space and a bit of spare cash, but with this you would undoubtedly have a kennel to be proud of!

A luxury kennel



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