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Christmas Gifts for Zoo Staff

Updated on May 8, 2011

Christmas is coming....or a birthday....or some other time to exchange gifts. It is always difficult for some to choose the right gift for a partner or work colleague in the zoo world.

Whatever the celebration it is time for FUN! Time to relax. How much pleasure can you have playing with a new Magimix, Electric Drill, Handbag, Pair of Socks or Tie. Get something which is going to be enjoyed!!!!

With someone working within the zoo profession you can never go very far wrong with a book. There are thousands out there. Some new, some old, some fun and some interesting. At Christmas two books are always a good bet. One which factual and informatitive and inevitably useful and another which is a trvia of fun but truthful animal information.

Then there items like knives and waterproof notebooks and things you have probably not even thought about.

You can not go far wrong by visiting: THE ZOO PROFESSIONALS BOOK STORE where you will find all of these things and more.




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