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Christmas is Coming - Buy Your Dog a Memory Foam Dog Bed They Will LOVE!

Updated on November 10, 2010

Santa I Have Been Good!

What Your Dog Really Wants For Christmas!

Christmas is coming and your dog knows what she wants. It isn’t the newest toy, it isn’t the fanciest collar, and it isn’t a trip to the groomer. Your dog is smart. She knows that you will always buy her a new toy, regardless of how many she has. She knows that she will always have a collar, regardless of the current dog fashion trends, and she knows that she will always be groomed, if need be. What she really wants she doesn’t have. What she wants is a high quality memory foam dog bed.

            You’re thinking; she already has a bed. It’s nice, she sleeps on it; she’s fine. But compared to an ordinary stuffed dog bed, high quality memory foam dog beds offer so much more. Let’s look at why:

1.) Your dog isn’t old. She’s no puppy, but still, she is years away from arthritis, joint pain, and grey fur. However, just because she doesn’t have any of those things now doesn’t mean you can’t set her up for success down the road. Think of getting a high quality memory foam dog bed like taking a vitamin. You don’t wait until you are sick to start taking vitamins. You take vitamins to prevent getting sick. The same can be said about getting your dog a memory foam dog bed. With the orthopedic benefits offered by a memory foam dog bed, the most important being the elimination of pressure points, your dog is, metaphorically, taking vitamins. By providing a place for her to sleep that cradles all parts of her body, she is getting a more restful night’s sleep. By getting this high quality of sleep her body is able to spend more time rejuvenating itself at night rather than tossing and turning and looking for a comfortable way to lie. She will stay stronger and healthier for longer.

2.) While your dog can’t speak, she can still feel. She may be young and spry, but just like any creature she enjoys being comfortable when she sleeps. Besides the long term health benefits of good sleep, the every day enjoyment of having a good bed will resonate throughout your dog’s daily life. Comfortable dogs tend to be happy dogs. Happy dogs tend to be nondestructive dogs, and nondestructive dogs tend to be friendly dogs. High quality memory foam dog beds can an imperative building block in a happy dog’s life.

3.) Buying a high quality memory foam dog bed can be a great investment. Typical stuffed dog beds lose their shape over time. The comfort level of the bed goes down and you end up having to replace the bed. Why not eliminate the disposable nature of dog beds all together? While it is true, not all memory foam beds are built to last, some are. One example of high quality memory foam dog beds are those of Buddy Beds. According to the Buddy Beds web site a typical Buddy Beds memory foam dog bed is expected to outlast TEN ordinary dog beds.  According to the Buddy Beds site, if an average dog bed costs $99.00 and the average Buddy Bed costs $299.00, over your dog’s life time, the average Buddy Bed owner will save $691.000!

4.) Another reason to buy a high quality memory foam dog bed is that such beds tend to keep out odors. High quality memory foam dog beds tend to be constructed so that the foam is wrapped in a liner, and a removable cover covers the liner. The higher quality of memory foam dog bed, the higher quality of lining that protects the foam from the elements. Also, in high quality memory foam dog beds the liner cover tends to be removable and washable. Most dog owners end up replacing their dog’s bed due to odor. Lower quality beds tend to trap odors, regardless of if they are a memory foam bed or an ordinary stuffed bed. By buying a memory foam bed that has a high quality liner and washable cover you are in fact saving your money and your nose.

            A high quality memory foam dog bed is a big investment. Buying one isn’t as easy as picking up a few tennis balls and a leash. Careful consideration needs to go into selecting the right type and size of bed. Because of this, buying your dog a high quality memory foam bed is perfect for Christmas. You will always buy your dog toys and treats, but this Christmas, make the decision to get her something that really matters. Get her something that will positively affect the rest of her life. Get her something that will be with her for the rest of her life. Get her something that will be a good investment for both her and you. Replace her worn out, smelly, bed. Get her a high quality memory foam bed.

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    • profile image

      Wooded 6 years ago

      This is great - but my dogs would not get up if I got them a memory foam bed! I bet they really do enjoy them, but so do I, and my pups are going to have to wait until I can get one for myself! They'll be up in mine anyways :)

    • Georgina_writes profile image

      Georgina_writes 6 years ago from Dartmoor

      We went to stay with a friend who had bought her dog a memory foam bed. My two pooches loved it and had to be prised off it, so we're considering buying one for them. Rating this up and following you.

    • K9keystrokes profile image

      India Arnold 6 years ago from Northern, California

      This is a super idea for doggy comfort. Thanks for sharing.