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Basset Hound Care - Cleaning a Basset Hounds Ears

Updated on September 21, 2014
Basset hound puppy with large ears
Basset hound puppy with large ears

Basset hounds with their long and floppy ears are an easily recognisable breed. Watching my basset hound as a puppy struggle to leave with her ears made me smile. They were too long for her body and every now and then she would trip over them.

As a basset hound goes about their daily activities their ears pick up dirt from the ground. A bassets ears retain moisture very well, which along with collected dirt can lead to an ear infection. Pests such as ear mites can also develop if a bassets ears are not well cared for.

A basset hounds ears need regular cleaning to prevent infection and to keep them looking good and healthy. This is an essential task for a basset hound owner that should not be neglected.

What Do I Need?

  • A good quality ear cleaning solution should be able to help remove wax and other unwanted matter, whilst still being gentle to a dogs ears. You can pick one up easily from your local pet store. Ask for a recommendation from your veterinarian. Most vets are more than happy to advise you on keeping your basset hound fit and healthy.
  • Cotton balls to gently wipe the inside of your bassets ears.
  • Dog treats to give to your basset hound for behaving so well during their ear cleaning. Treats can be used as a trophy, and also during the cleaning to distract your pet. Before they know it you will be finished, and they will have clean ears and a tasty treat.

A happy basset hound puppy with clean ears
A happy basset hound puppy with clean ears

How to Clean a Basset Hounds Ears

The following steps are a typical basset hound ear cleaning routine;

1. Check the instructions on the ear cleaning solution that you are using. All solutions are not the same. Read it first to be sure not to make any mistakes

2. Get your basset hound to lie down as it is easier to restrain them from this position if they are not a fan of having their ears cleaned, or are distracted

3. Start with the outer ear. Use a cotton ball and a cleaning solution to gently wipe the outer ear area of any dirt and debris

4. Squeeze a few drops of the cleaning solution into the inner ear of your basset. Make sure to get some into the ear canal

5. Gently rub the base of the ear to loosen any dirt. Your basset will probably enjoy this part

6. After loosening the dirt wipe it away with a cotton ball. Be sure not to put the cotton ball too deep into the ear canal. Be gentle and try and clean as much of the dirt away as possible

When you have finished, your basset hound may race around and shake their head to dislodge any other wax that may be causing them some frustration

Do and Don’ts of Basset Hound Ear Care

  1. Make cleaning your basset hounds ears and regular part of your basset hound care routine. If your pet does not like having their ears cleaned, regular sessions may get them used to the feeling
  2. Never insert a cotton ball or q-tip deep inside the ear canal
  3. If you have any doubt about how to effectively clean your bassets ears. Consult your veterinarian. They should be more than happy to give a quick demonstration for you
  4. Towel dry a bassets ears after bathing and and try and prevent water from getting into the ear canal. This moisture in a dogs ear is a well known cause for ear infections
  5. Inspect your basset hounds ears regularly and if you suspect any problems immediately consult a veterinarian


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    • profile image

      garymaglipay 5 years ago from Valenzuela, Philippines


      It's really a very great information to take and keep. Basset's ears are one of the parts or the part that is very hard to clean and the part that is very prone to bacterias and the likes. thanks for sharing this one.