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Clever Kitty Cat Toys

Updated on March 24, 2014

Cats by nature are fun-loving creatures that are innately curious and full of play. They want to hide, swat, bite, hit and chase. Cats are so much fun to watch when they play and behave crazy!

Simple String or Yarn

The simplest but most engaging toy for a kitty cat can be a single piece of string or yarn. Kitty cats love to pull and tear and bite at string and love the fluidity of motion the string offers. My cat will eventually eat the string so I try to limit his play.

Adult cats and mostly young kittens are intrigued by yarn (any color will suffice). Their paws will get entangled and they will try to free themselves but then return later for more hours of fun!

If only humans could get so much excitement from playing with string!

A Card Board Box

Yes, a card board box. As simple as this is (just like string), your cat will love to climb in, chew, cover, or hide in a card board box. Kitty cats love to hide in dark places and even more love small hiding places.

If there are holes in your box, even better! Your cat will love poking it's paws through the holes and peering through like a stealthy pirate!

Grocery Bags

Have you ever laid down a grocery bag and minutes later your cat is pouncing on it? They will love the sound the bag makes when moved around and they will love to hop right into one to hide. Kitties will love playing with crinkly grocery bags !

Cat Nip Toys

Cats go gaga for cat nip. Fill any toy or even a sock with fresh cat nip and watch your cat go crazy! Notice how their eyes will dilate (really large) and they will want to play with nothing else.

Circuit Toys

These toys are available for purchase and usually include some sort of a maze with a ball attached. Your cat will be eager to pursue after the ball (which is trapped in the maze). They will paw and try to bite the ball out. Endless hours of pleasure for your cat!

Electronic Mouse

Any cat loves chasing a mouse but who wants a real mouse in the house? Electronic mice can be purchased that are battery operated. They will run and squeal for your cat's pleasure. This is an excellent toy for your cat when you leave for vacation or long trip away from home.

Food Toy

This toy is quite genius. This toy makes your cat work for its food! As your cat rolls this ball around, food is released one piece at a time. Quite clever!

Teaser Toys

Any toy that flies, moves haphazardly, or shakes will catch your cat's attention. Cats love to swat, catch, and bite whatever they see moving in their peripheral vision!

Laser TAG!

All cats seem to love Lasers! Have you ever just had a laser pointer in your hand and then find that your cat is following you everywhere you go? They love the idea of chasing this inanimate object. A laser can never be caught so it will offer endless hours of excitement!

This particular toy below provides a mechanical laser that shines intermittently in different directions. This unpredictability will make your kitty bounce up and down in pursuit of the laser. It is best if you set it up at night when the laser is more visible for your cat!


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    • catgypsy profile image


      5 years ago from the South

      Great ideas. I have to warn though about the string or yarn. If they eat it, it can become wrapped around the intestines, so you should always supervise play with this. It's so funny that they usually prefer a cardboard box over a more elaborate toy...which is good for our wallets!

    • Nancy Owens profile image

      Nancy Owens 

      5 years ago from USA

      Hi Harmony 155! These kitties are just too cute for words.


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