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Cockatiels As Pets

Updated on February 19, 2017

Cockatiels Put Smiles On Faces

Cockatiels Love Attention

Cockatiels are extremely sociable birds. They love attention, and in their own sweet way, they can be quite affectionate towards humans. A cockatiel is 12-14 inches long(30-35cm). The native homeland of cockatiels is Australia. When it comes to singing and whistling, the male cockatiel is by far the best. The reason they are better at it than females, is because they use their vocal skills to attract females in the wild. Cockatiels are very intelligent birds, and they make wonderful pets for young and old.

Cockatiels Are Cute

They Love Attention

Teaching a cockatiel to say a couple of words, or even one word, or a sentence is quite difficult. It takes a couple of weeks, and while teaching a cockatiel to talk, one needs to be patient, and one needs to say the word, or words, or sentence over and over again, and keep at it with diligence and discipline. If and when the cockatiel says the one word, or the couple of words, or the sentence, it will make one smile with joy. It’s so worth it, because when you are busy teaching your cockatiel to talk, you are also bonding with your cockatiel, and giving it the attention that it longs for.

Cockatiels Adore Their Owners

Correct Feeding Is Important

Cockatiels need a daily supply of fresh water and they also need a daily supply of food. Cockatiels eat sunflower seeds, wild bird seeds, and cockatiel seeds, which are available in packets from any supermarket.

Cockatiels Are Very Friendly Birds

These Birds Are Very Popular

Cockatiels are the second most popular pet bird. The parakeet takes first place as the most popular pet bird. The word “cockatiel” is a derivative of the Dutch word “Kakatielje”, and it means small cockatoo. Cockatiels are cute, and one can become quite fond of them. They love smoothing their feathers with their beaks, and they also love to sleep. At night, they sleep for about twelve to fourteen hours. You can throw a blanket, or maybe even an old towel over your cockatiel’s cage for a touch of cosiness. A cockatiel lives for about fifteen to twenty years.

Cockatiels Love To Spread Their Wings

Cockatiels Make Such Good Pets

Another reason why cockatiels make such good pets is because they’re excellent companions. They have such quirky natures, and because they clearly recognize their caretakers, they are very responsive to their voices. Cockatiels are very lovely birds, and they are just the right size to fit in the hands of a child, but it should always be under adult supervision. They are so easy to care for, which makes them ideal as pets for people or for families. They are very smart, and because they live quite long, it is such a great pleasure to bond with them.

The scientists called Cockatiels a small cockatoo in the past, but now it is included in Nymphicinae, the subfamily. Cockatiels are included in the family Cacatuidae, and is recognized as the smallest member. Cockatiels really have a special way of touching a person’s heart. They’re just so beloved, and having one as a pet is quite a wonderful experience.

They Are Such Gentle Birds

Some cockatiels are grey with some white in their wings. Their faces are yellow, and they have orange marks on their ears, and they have a grey crest and a grey beak. Their eyes are brown. Other cockatiels are yellow, with orange marks on their ears. Their crest is yellow, and their beaks are grey. They also have brown eyes. Some cockatiels have white in their adorable faces, and some cockatiels are speckled. You also get white cockatiels, with orange marks on their ears. They have a white crest, and their beaks are grey. Their eye color is brown.

Cockatiels are such gentle birds. They are also quite lively, and sometimes they can become quite excited. They are also a very graceful type of bird, and they’re clever at mimicking. There’s a certain cockatiel that listened intently while a certain song was being played over and over on a portable cd player, and it wasn’t long before he whistled the entire tune, bringing great joy to his owner. Cockatiels can bring great moments of happiness to any household with their chirpy natures. They’re such delightful birds, and they’re such wonderful pets. They have the lovely ability to please their owners in such an amazing way when they start talking, and they’re a glorious presence in one’s life. They will most definitely bring joyous laughter into one’s life. That’s for sure !


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