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Comfortis Dog Flea Prevention

Updated on December 27, 2011

I've had trouble with the basic flea and tick medicines for years. It took one really bad flea allergy and a new vet to decide to try Comfortis on my Yorkie, telling me that Frontline and similar types of topical flea ointment doesn't always work with Yorkies.

Comfortis was relatively new at the time, but it's been out for some years now. It is an FDA-approved tablet that kills fleas and prevents infestation. All you have to do is give your dog the monthly pill and with the first pill, you'll notice fleas dying within 30 minutes.

The active ingredient- spinosad- is environmentally friendly and excites the insect's nervous system, which leads to their paralysis and rapid death.

The benefits of Comfortis include:

  • Kills fleas within 30 minutes
  • Kills fleas before they can lay eggs
  • Lasts a full month
  • Convenient and chewable
  • It's beef-flavored tablet, making it easy to give to your dog
  • Won't wash off like topical solutions
  • Doesn't require isolating your dog from other pets
  • Available for dogs of all sizes

Side effects:

  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Difference in behavior
  • Hyperactivity
  • Excessive salivation
  • Redness of the skin
  • Increased appetite
  • Cough
  • Increased thirst

The FDA has received reports of adverse reactions in dogs receiving the drug Comfortis (spinosad) concurrently with high, extra-label doses of ivermectin. Dogs receiving extra-label doses of ivermectin to treat non-responsive demodectic mange and other conditions have developed signs of ivermectin toxicity.

Do not give Comfortis to dogs under the age of 14. This product is meant for older puppies and adult dogs. Do not give the product to cats or any other animal.

Do not use Comfortis if you plan to breed your dog, your dog has a history of seizures, or if your dog is on any other medications. (The safety of offering Comfortis to male breeding dogs has not been properly established.)

If you have any questions, always ask your veterinarian.

Buy Comfortis Online

Comfortis is not a cheap flea prevention. Where you can purchase a 6-month supply of Frontline for $40 to $80, Comfortis ranges from $80 to over $125.

If you're looking for somewhere to buy cheap Comfortis that will be as reliable for your as if you went to your local vet, try searching the internet.

I've found that has great prices for Comfortis, making the price range $53 to $63 for a 6-month box. You just have to pay a small customs fee, as the company is based outside the United States. You'll still get the same great product as you'll find at your vet.

Have you tried Comfortis?

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    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Fleas are a real problem here in S. Fl. My Miniature Schnauzer is allergic to flea bites, so this information is good to know.

    • Cat R profile image

      Cat R 

      6 years ago from North Carolina, U.S.

      It worked great on most of my dogs, but didn't work on two that had skin issues/allergies.

      Sadly, as you stated, it's not very affordable for somebody who has more than one or two dogs. Especially not if you are in Animal Rescue.


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