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Common cause of Koi fish diseases

Updated on November 13, 2010

One of the good things about breeding Japanese Koi is their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. When it’ summer time, the koi are lively but immediately adapt to winter season by hibernating. Nevertheless, like any other pet, these gentle creatures are not resistant to Koi fish diseases that can suddenly affect them anytime.If not given appropriate attention, Koi fish diseases can result to death in a short period of time. While some koi owners exert much diligence in feeding their koi with premium food and keeping their ponds clean, there are external factors that could really cause certain Koi fish diseases. This article would illustrate three common culprits that cause Koi fish diseases.
Bacteria. It’s a reality, once bacterial infection sets in anything or anyone gets sick. In the case of Koi fish diseases,bacteria often shows in the form of fin rot, gill rot, ulcers and mouth fungus. A common type of bacterial Koi fish diseases are Aeromonas( ulcers) and Pseudomonas ( fin rot) according to pond doctor website. However, bacterial infection can be remedied by chemical medications such as formalin or acriflavine. As for ulcers,antibiotic injections can arrest the main cause of the infection. Yet, it is highly recommended to seek the vet's opinion so he can diagnose properly what type of antibacterial treatment is suited for certain Koi fish diseases.
Fungus. As soon as cotton-wool like growths in wounds of koi fishes are visible, this shows the presence of fungus. However, this also means that the fungus has severely affected the tissues of the koi which makes this one of the deadly Koi fish diseases. The good news about fungus is that it’s  not contagious and a dose of malachite green on the pond can treat the affected Koi. Although salt treatment is prevalent practice nowadays for koi fish diseases, be careful in doing so since this can really kill the fish when done incorrectly.
Parasites. There are several types of parasites that cause koi fish diseases, namely: protozoa, metazoan, whitespot, Costia, Chilodinella and Trichodina. Some are microscopic while others can be seen by the naked eye like fish lice and worms. In such cases, seek the vet’s advice on what measures to take so other fishes would not be affected.
Koi fish diseases always happen but they can also be treated as soon as possible. The knowledge you gained can help you immediately identify the culprit so you can seek your vet’s advice.

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