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Common causes of deaths of pet fishes

Updated on November 15, 2012

As you go along the way in tending to your fish tank it is inevitable that some of your dishes will because of neglect, diseases, poor sanitation and among other factors.

Here is a short list of causes of deaths of pet fishes:

Trapped - Your pet fish getting trapped in filters and decorations. To avoid this ensure that potential traps are covered well and see to it that decorations are placed securely without posing hazards to your fishes. Pointed and toxic objects should be kept away.

Overstocking – Your fish tanks should not look like an aquarium of a pet shop. Before on a fish buying spree think carefully the number and kinds of fishes you are going to put in your tank. Overstocking will congest your tank, difficult to manage and will inevitably pave the way for deaths. The rule of the thumb in the number fishes you would place in your aquarium is estimating the total length of the fishes from head to tail and this must be in proportion to the length of a standard aquarium.

Poor sanitation – Pollution in the aquarium will take its toll on your fishes. Leftover foods when not removed will pollute the fish tank. The small feces of the fishes will also accumulate when the fish tank is not cleaned on a regular interval. See to it that you clean your aquarium regularly, but do not remove all of the water at once. When cleaning your aquarium leave it half-filled and fill it up with clean water. Pour in some salt, chlorine and necessary water treatment upon the suggestion of people who sold the pet fishes. Catch the fishes gently and efficiently so as not to cause panic on them.

Diseases – If you see unusual things in your fish that you haven’t seen before these would indicate that it is sick or experiencing a disease already. Signs of sickness or disease include discoloration, decomposing fins and tails, swelling, spots, bloated skin and other abnormalities you better ask your pet shop owners or handlers on how to deal with these. They will be so glad suggest you what kind of treatments or medicines that you are going to use solve your problems. It is important that you have a spare aquarium 5 to 10 gallons that will quarantine sick fishes. You may use this spare aquarium with the necessary treatments in holding new fishes for observation and to get rid of common diseases they may carry.

Unwanted accidents - Cover your aquarium always. See to it that your aquarium has a tight lid with just small openings to avoid fatalities on fishes that are good jumpers. This will also ensure that your aquarium will not gather dust and dirt. Fishes like arowanas, colored botia, archer fish and the list goes on are good jumpers.

Harmful substances - See to it that your aquarium is beyond the reach of kids at home. Without noticing it curious children may put soap, vinegar, soy sauce or other substances on the tank that will surely kill all of your pet fishes at an instant. This happen all the time and you should be wary of this all the time.

Overfeeding - Do not overfeed, many cases of the deaths of pet fishes is thru overfeeding. Do not also starve your fishes for they will surely die.

Aggression - Too much aggression and bullying in the fish tank. If you want a “fishful” or should I say a peaceful community in your tank refrain from introducing violent types of fishes. Do not a friendly fish with a territorial or carnivorous fishes. Also, do not mix a very small fish alongside a big fish, for the latter will surely turn into a yummy meal.

Here you have it folks thank a lot for the read!

My the 29th Hub in the HubChallenge.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      lots of useful tips that I learnt today. My fishes were dying one after another. Should have quarantine those sick ones into another bowl. Thanks. Voted useful