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A Shocking List of Companies Who Still Test on Animals

Updated on June 6, 2012

I am very much against animal testing. Many can argue the facts, but this won't change my views. I'm the kind of person who swerves to avoid hitting an animal where I live in the countryside (much to the horror of my family and friends). I just couldn't live with the guilt if I were to hit a raccoon, deer or even a little chipmunk. Testing on animals is just beyond my comprehension; how people can subject a living animal to gruesome tests is unimaginable.

When I started to look into companies who test on animals, I was truly shocked by the number of them who are still doing it today. What shocked me further is the amount of products in my cupboard that have been developed with the use of animal testing. Although many companies do specify if they do not test on animals, none of them specify when they do.

This list outlines companies who either test on animals or pay a laboratory to conduct tests on them and the products associated with these tests:

Labs Who Conduct Animal Testing

You can view a list of laboratories in the USA who conduct animal testing here. The list is unbelievably long.


Procter & Gamble

Products: Always, Braun, Aussie, Crest, DDF, Clairol, Fekkai, Febreeze, Downy, Herbal Essences, Head & Shoulders, Gillette, Joy, Ivory, Iams, Max Factor, Oral-B, Old Spice, Olay, Nice N' Easy, Natural Instincts, Mr. Clean, Puffs, Pantene, Pampers, Secret, Scope, Tide, Swiffer, Vicks, Zest

Reckitt Benckiser

Products: Airwick, Clearasil, Calgon, Easy-off, Finish, Lysol, Old English, Spray N' Wash, Woolite, Veet

S.C. Johnson

Products: Drano, Glade, Fantastik, Nature's Source, Off, Oust, Pledge, Raid, Shout, Scrubbing Bubbles, Skintimate, Windex

Johnson & Johnson

Products: Acuvue, Aveeno, Band-Aid, Carefree, Clean & Clear, KY, Lubriderm, Listerine, Neutrogena, Purell, Rogaine, ROC, Rembrandt, Reach, Stayfree


Products: Axe, Comfort, Dove, Lux, Ponds, Signal, Sunsilk, Vaseline, Sunlight, Suave

Church & Dwight

Products: Aim, Arrid, Mentadent, Kaboom, Nair, Oxiclean

Colgate-Palmolive Co.

Products: Palmolive, Speedstick, Softsoap, Mennen


Products: Biotherm, Cacharel, Garnier, Lancome, Kiehl's, Kerastase, Maybelline, Redken, Vichy

The FDA states, "FDA supports and adheres to the provisions of applicable laws, regulations, and policies governing animal testing, including the Animal Welfare Act and thePublic Health Service Policy of Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals."

* List provided by Peta (last updated on 04/26/2012)

Will you continue to use the above products, even if they test on animals?

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According to the USDA

  • 61% of animals used suffer no pain
  • 31% have pain relieved with anesthesia
  • 6% experience pain, as alleviation would compromise the validity of the data. Much of this work is directed at an understanding of pain.

Scary Facts

  • In the USA, an estimated 70 million animals are maimed, blinded, scalded, force-fed chemicals and otherwise killed because of animal testing each year
  • Many scientists believe that the stress that animals endure in labs can affect experiments, making the results inaccurate
  • Rats are 37% effective in identifying what causes cancer in humans, making it almost completely inaccurate
  • Worldwide, at least 22 animals die every second in labs (in the UK one animal dies every five seconds)

Do you believe that animal testing is necessary?

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What do you think about animal testing?

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Animal testing is a serious problem and we need to deal with it in a humane way. People nor animals, no matter how bad, should have to suffer for products of any kind. If the product is so dangerous that it can kill, should we even be producing them at all? Animals aren't even accurate because of how different our genetics work. New studies have shown that "robots" can take the place of the animals and are mostly accurate to our genes. No animal or human must suffer for makeup or shampoo or cleaning products. I'm a 12 year old vegan and am smart enough to know that no one must suffer for our products. With or without robots, they're always alternatives. Cruelty-free, 100% vegan, and "not tested on animals" products are the right options.

    • profile image

      Issy Clarke 

      3 years ago

      Animal testing is an unnecessary and disgusting method of extracting product data. I hope that with the recent push from consumers for companies to abandon testing on animals will force the brands to comply.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Animal testing is horrible a veagan myself thinks... Why test on animals when there so many people in jail who have murderd people raped people and hurt animals not getting tested on?

    • profile image

      Gaby Strasser 

      3 years ago

      There is no need for animal tests in our modern world!

    • profile image

      Patricia Dyke 

      6 years ago

      Animal testing is unjustified

    • profile image 

      6 years ago

      Does not include Body Shop which was purchased by L'Oreal.

    • profile image

      Kathy Meyer 

      6 years ago

      Animal testing is totally unnecessary!!!!! Why test human products on another species??? Why not test these products on the species that will be using the products - humans! There are a lot of prisoners (humans) that have screwed up their lives by violence, murder, rape, vandalism, etc. The list goes on and on. They should be paying their debt to society by being the test subjects for these products not the animals. Let's face it, what else do they have to do? They commit these heinous acts and we send them to "resorts" where they have 3 meals a day, exercise rooms, libraries, air conditioning, etc, etc. I say line 'em up for the test labs!!!!! Anyone with me???????????????????????????

    • profile image

      Linda Jackson 

      6 years ago

      The Body Shop should not be recommended under any circumstances! The Body Shop does not test their products on animals BUT The Body Shop is owned by L'Oreal - who DO test their products on animals. Ultimately the money that is spent in the Body Shop by people who think they are doing the right thing is going straight into the pockets of L'Oreal therefore I would never ever shop in the Body Shop.

    • craftybird profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Oh, how I wish I could make it to Scotland right now! We haven't been to Glesga in a while! Maybe next year...

    • Academicviews profile image

      Barry Wood 

      8 years ago from Scotland

      I think many people will be surprised to learn that this is still common practise. Organisations are obliged legally to look afer their shareholders and no one else. They should be hit in the pocket for this shocking backward way of conducting business. Sadly money is the only language they understand. A great hub though, still not seen you around scotland lol

    • craftybird profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      MelChi, I'm so happy you liked it and that you're also a swerver! This is such an important topic for me and I'm glad that I'm not alone in that.

    • MelChi profile image

      Melanie Chisnall 

      8 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      I am so glad I came across your hub today. I literally have tears in my eyes as I read this. I too am a huge animal lover and also swerve to avoid any animal in the road - I don't care what happens - it's who I am and I won't be judged for it. Thank you so much for listing the companies that do not test on animals as well. I'm going to start buying my products from them instead - I'll just have to see what all is available in SA. This is a very important topic that needs A LOT of exposure! Sharing, Voted up, interesting and useful. Thanks!!!

    • craftybird profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Melissa, this is indeed a very small list, but it is not because there aren't companies who test on animals. The full list can be found on PETA's website as well as websites like I wanted to highlight some of the leading companies who we would be shocked to learn that still test on animals.

      I think (and this is my opinion only) that chemical sprays can be harmful to us as well as animals, regardless if they were tested on animals.

    • Melissa A Smith profile image

      Melissa A Smith 

      8 years ago from New York

      Interesting hub, I'm actually surprised that this list is so small. It makes me wonder, though. Peta's list is huge, and yours is very small. Would you say that it is true that a very small fraction of companies test with animals? And how can I know if these companies simply don't need to test on animals because they use ingredients that already have been?

      And, I use a product called Febreeze around my pets. Without animal testing, how would I know if it will be harmful to them?

    • Lucky Cats profile image


      8 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      Thank you so much for writing this very important hub, craftybird. It is amazing to me that, these many many years later...we still have to many companies that must be exposed for using animals in cosmetic and product experimentation...useless, unnecessary, cruel, archiac, sickening, unethical, heartless and egotistically selfish. The LD50 is such a horrific "test." I've seen videos and heard testimonies of those who went undercover to expose this hidden ugliness. Bravo to you for having both the fortitude as well as the heart to write this hub. UP Useful Awesome and Interesting!!! Thank you.


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