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Dogs vs Cats: Compare and Contrast Essay

Updated on November 6, 2016

Which are better as pets: dogs or cats? Dogs and Cats are domesticated by humans thousands of years ago. Both had aided people: they help farmers as cats control rodents and dogs control herds. Over time, several different breeds have populated and people finally pet these domesticated animals. Cats and Dogs serve as companions to people. However, which makes a better pet? Differences of these two outweigh their similarities, but that doesn't mean they don't possess any. Factors that are usually argued upon are the difficulty of care, their interactivity, and functionality.

Both pets demand care. However, they require different difficulty of maintenance. Dogs need more frequent grooming than cats, especially those long-haired to prevent matting. AS cats lick themselves for grooming and don't take usual baths, they still require brushing, especially for long-haired ones. Costs needed for food and medical necessities are much higher in dogs than cats. Of course, it also depends on the animal breed; but on an average scale, cost in petting a dog is more expensive than petting a cat. Additionally, cat is cited to be more independent than dogs. Cat owners can leave their pets at home with ease. On the other hand, dog owners are hesitant to leave their pets freely whenever they leave home since dogs are more aggressive. Regarding to basic house training, cats are easily trained to use a litter box while dogs take a week or two if trained properly as puppies. Another significant thing not to be disregarded in taking care is dogs need exercise; a daily walk is important to dogs. On contrary, only some cats like being walked, and their need of exercise isn't that crucial compare to dogs.

One of the major reasons why we get pets is to have an animal companion, so their interactivity really matters. Dogs and Cats are both affectionate. Cats are more affectionate towards their owners, but are more independent than dogs. Dogs are also expressive if they are taken good care of; moreover, they can also be sociable to people (this also depends on the dog breed). Cats can also be, but it also depends on the breed and personality of the cat in meeting new people. Cats are indoor oriented and enjoy most activities by themselves; pet owners can still bond with them by playing with laser pointers, giving them strings or yarns, or something they can pounce on. On the other hand, dogs do manage in both indoor and outdoor orientation. As dogs are more aggressive (still depending on the breed), cats enjoy napping most time of the day (this is natural feline characteristic).

If we're going to discuss the functions that cats and dogs can do, we can all agreed that dogs can do more: from aiding policemen and military, in taking down criminals, checking security, to determining location and following basic disciplinary actions. However, function as a pet is a different discussion. From the previous sections, it is evident that the differences of the two outweigh their similarities. However, both function the same as they serve as companions of the owner. In negative remark, both can cause allergies to people. In a worst case scenario, both can cause physical harm if such situation occurs. However, in spite of these negative possibilities, the affection that people can get from petting these animals serve great purpose in a psychological manner. Having a pet helps relieve stress; that is one health benefit of petting any of the two. To add, dos can be protective of their owners while cats do not generally guard theirs. They mainly function as our companions, a less complicated companion than humans.

To sum this up, differences between dogs and cats prevail more than their similarities, Both require care, but the difficulty differs. Dogs and cats interact differently, but generally, it's the bond between them and their owners that matters. They function as our pets, as our companions. Indeed, they serve good company and science proves having a pet improves our health. Frankly, it is up to your personal choice which animal to pet. No matter what, having a pet is a work, a responsibility to uphold. May this essay help you think what you really want. Whether you choose to pet a dog or a cat, you have to spend time, effort, and money not to neglect it. It's only a matter of desire and preference; so if you're planning to have a pet soon, consider your lifestyle and personality. It's better to gain a responsibility you wished than to have a responsibility you didn't want.


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