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Buy A Break-Away Pet Collar

Updated on January 16, 2011

Break-Away Pet Collars

I personally have never had a problem with my dog or cat needing a break-away collar, but they wear one anyhow because of what I know can happen. I know of two incidents where a break-away collar could have saved the life of one dog, and serious injuries to another.  In fact, thousands of dogs alone are injured or strangled by their collars every year. 

The concept is an easy one: the collar simply will come apart at the clasp with enough pressure on it. If the animal gets hung up on something, it will likely begin to panic, and pull, and if they are wearing a break-away pet collar, it will be spared serious or deadly injuries.

There is sometimes once chance to be thankful that a simple change of collar choice made the difference in the safety of your pet!

Paremier Pet KeepSafe Break-Away Dog Collar

The KeepSafe Breakaway Collar is an excellent choice for a dog collar as it has a patented safety buckle that not only protects your dog from collar accidents, but can also be securely used with a leash. 

This dog collar is made from durable nylon webbing and has a DuPont nylon polymer buckle.  It is designed to release when  there is pressure from various directions, and when a leash is attached to the two D rings, it is a secure dog collar for walking.

The sizes are

  • Small - 10" to 14"
  • Medium - 14" to 20"
  • Large -18" to 28"
  • X-Large - 22" to 34"

Lupine Designer Cat Safety Collar

Whether your cat is an indoor only, or indoor-outdoor cat, they too are at risk for injury from getting their collar hung up on objects.  It is unimaginable heartache to have something terrible happen to your beloved cat when there is such an easy way to prevent such an incident from happening.

Lupine cat collars are adjustable from 8" to 12", and come with a break-away safety buckle.  You can get this collar with or without a bell.  If you kitty enjoys being with you on outings, and you want to keep a close eye on it, there is a matching leash and H-Style harness available.

There are several cute designs available with the Lupine Designer Cat Safety Collar and it is guaranteed, even if chewed!


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