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Cool fish tanks for sale you really should not miss out knowing about.

Updated on April 5, 2013

Welcome to my site about cool fish tanks!

Wandering around the world doing chores and working means i have seen some things. And what really amazes me is a beautiful fish tank. This page was inspired by my fondness for beautiful aquariums!

I have categorized the featured fish tanks into groups. So far i have written about:

- fish bowls of various designs, there really are some lovely ones out there!

- porthole fish tanks, also called fish bubbles

- wall mounted fish tanks, fish tanks you can hang on a wall, like a picture

- round fish tanks, aquariums with an oval shape

Fish bowls

Cool fish bowls

Fish bowls are spherical shaped aquariums designed to hold fish. There are many varieties of fish bowls and i must say, fish bowls sport some of the most attractive designs. As such they make great decorations and gifts. If you are looking for a beautiful fish tank for a smaller number of fish, then a fish bowl is the perfect choice.

Cheap fish bowls come without any fancy filtration system, where you basically just substitute the old water with fresh one. Modern fish bowls on the other hand come with capable filtration systems, ensuring you do not have too much work with your fish.

Fish bowls come in small sizes, such as a gallon tank, but can also be found in larger varieties, up to five gallons.

Best fishbowls for cost

Aquariums fish bowls merge quality, price and design.

They feature:

- a very low cost

- decent quality

- LED lighting that comes in a variety of settings

- practical and easy to clean design

The only con i have noticed is that the bowl can cloud up a little.

I think this is the best fish bowl for a small budget. Great as a gift.

The most beautiful fish bowls on the market

In my opinion the Coaster Aquatica Magic globes are the best fish bowls you can get.

They are really high end products and come with everything one would ever want from a fish tank. From plastic toys, ambient, to a beautiful design, they come with everything you would expect for the price plus things you would not expect, such as a DVD. Just icing on the cake as far as i am concerned, not that i bothered with the DVD.

What makes these fish bowls stand out from the rest is:

- they are sealed at the top and completely filled with water

- they have a waterfall pouring out into a container, where the water is aerated and filtrated

- hand painted ceramic base design

- beautiful LED lights

- 5 gallon size, not bad for a fish bowl

- shatterproof glass

Wall fish tanks

Wall bubbles- porthole aquariums

Bayshore Aquarium BW4SLVR Small Round Porthole Wall Aquarium,Silver
Bayshore Aquarium BW4SLVR Small Round Porthole Wall Aquarium,Silver

This is one of my favorite fish tanks of all time. It features a skeleton sailor at the wheel at the center of this fish tank. I love the porthole look of this fish tank!


Porthole style aquariums

These type of aquariums give a feel you are looking through a porthole from a submarine or ship. It is a unique variety of wall fish tanks, that is marketed as living art.

I found Bayshore aquariums to be quite popular and sport a few interesting designs to boot. The tanks are easy to install and clean.

The reason i would choose to get one of these is that it saves quite a bit of space which can be great if you are limited space-wise. The other reason is that the look of the model featured on the right is phenomenal. A skeleton at the bottom of the sea surrounded by fish.

Wall aquariums

A cool fish tank variety is an aquarium mounted on the wall. I have already shown you the porthole aquariums in a segment before, but these are genuine, large fish tanks designed to save space and display a large amount of fish. Unlike the fish bubble type of porthole aquariums, these hold a larger amount of water and are square shape. A great substitute for a picture.

Oval (round) fish tanks

Round aquariums

Round aquariums look very appealing due to their modern looks. Because they have no edges like the traditional, square aquariums, these allow a 360 degree viewing angle.

The design makes it especially suited to decorative purposes.

Classic, square fish tanks

PanaView 5-Gallon Fish Tank with LED Lighting and Power Filter
PanaView 5-Gallon Fish Tank with LED Lighting and Power Filter

This is one of the few fish tanks for sale that combine quality with affordable pricing.


Cubical (classic) fish tanks

For a more traditional aquarium you can go with some nifty square designs. I have selected a few cool fish tanks for you to enjoy, all have a few benefits you might be interested in.

Newer aquariums, such as the Fluval edge can be filled to the top. That prevents some problems traditional aquariums had, such as evaporation.

A question for you!

What is your favorite fish tank style?

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A conclusion about the cool aquariums we looked at

So, we looked at in my opinion the best fish tanks for sale. What is in your opinion the best fish tank for sale? What are the pros and cons of the ones i featured?

Vote in the poll to the right and comment below!

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