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Coolaroo pet bed review

Updated on March 30, 2012
Kitsune enjoying his new Coolaroo pet bed.
Kitsune enjoying his new Coolaroo pet bed. | Source

My dog Kitsune is a bit spoiled.

Okay, so he's a lot spoiled.

He doesn't like laying on the bare floor in our apartment. Not that I can say I really blame him. We don't have any carpeting, and I don't imagine the flooring we do have is very comfortable to lay on. I know I wouldn't want to lay on it either. We allow Kitsune on the furniture, so when we're hanging out in the living room or the bedroom he can at least make himself comfortable. Kitsune use to hate when my fiance and I spent time in the kitchen. He had no where comfortable to lay or sit down, but likes to always be in the same room as his people. So this would often lead to one of two things. Either Kitsune would sit in the living room and bark to try to get us to leave the kitchen and hang out in the living room with him, or he would drag our little bathroom rug out of the bathroom and into the kitchen and lay down on that.

We finally broke down and decided, even with our limited space, that it was time to get Kitsune a bed for the kitchen. Last week we got and set up a Coolaroo pet bed for him. It takes up more space in our kitchen than I would have liked, but anything to keep my spoiled pup happy right?

The Coolaroo pet beds I believe were designed to be kept outdoors, but ours has been working well indoors as well. They are made from a steel frame, with breathable fabric that hangs from the frame kind of like a hammock. The area where your pet lays is elevated, but not too high so it's still easy for even smaller pets to get on and off the bed. The slight elevation between your pet and the ground, and the breathable nature of the fabric used, is suppose to work to increase air flow and keep your pet cooler when it's hot. I guess that explains the bed's name. Kitsune likes the bed because it elevates him off our uncomfortable floor. Our kitchen is just about the only room in our apartment that isn't air conditioned in the summer, plus when the stove is on that makes the room even hotter, so I'm eager to see if this bed really does help to keep dogs cooler like it's suppose too.

Some other great aspects of this bed is that they are flea, mite, mold, odor, and mildew resistant. The fabric is very easy to clean. The directions that come with the bed state that to clean it you can just spray it down outside with a hose, or use mild soap to clean it if needed. The bed comes with a 5 year warranty against UV degradation, which is handy if you plan to use the bed outdoors.

We haven't had this pet bed in our home for very long, and I can't comment on how it works outdoors since we're using it in our kitchen, but so far Kitsune seems to really like it. The price was right, at less than $30 for the medium sized bed. It also comes in a large size for those of you with larger dogs. There are a few different colors that you can choose from as well. One of the great things about the fabric on this bed is that, if you need too, you can buy and replace just the fabric part of the bed.

I've read some other reviews on this bed and some people apparently have a hard time assembling it. That confused me a bit, as it literally took me all of 7 minutes to get ours put together. The frame seems sturdy and strong to me. Another complaint seems to be that some dogs like to chew on the fabric part of the bed, and destroy it quickly. Kitsune is a chewer but for some reason, luckily, has so far left his new bed alone. At least I know that if he does chew apart the fabric, that I can just buy replacements. Someone who is handy with a sewing machine could probably make replacements themselves and save even more money.

I'll have to update this hub in a few months, after Kitsune has used the bed for awhile longer and after we see if it really works to keep him cooler in the hot weather. But for now, Kitsune gives it 2 paws up!


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    • profile image

      DoItForHer 5 years ago

      Most dogs like to lay in an elevated position, too. This is a good product; I like it a lot as well.