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Corrupt Government and Animal Abuse

Updated on November 7, 2010

David Robinson Can Serve Sentence At Home

David Robinson can serve final 10 months of his 14 month sentence at home.
David Robinson can serve final 10 months of his 14 month sentence at home. | Source

Corrupt Government and Animal Abuse

Good day everyone. Today I'd like to talk about the corrupt lawmen, judges and other officials in a position of authority who use the "good old boy" system to get away with animal abuse. Many get away with MURDER!

I decided on an article when I received and email from a friend concerning a man who killed a cat in front of many witnesses and, because he was one of THEM, nothing was done. He was personal friend of the deputies sent out to investigate when a witness called to report the incident.

This is called nepotism, which means favors granted to family or friends with no regard to merit.

I'm sure my readers all know of a case in their area where this has happened. I welcome and encourage comments at the end of this story of any links or examples spotlighting cases where the animal abuser wasn't charged at all or got off with a very light punishment.

You also have animal abusers who are former police personnel, related to the judge, related to the magistrate. This is what America has always called the "good old boy" system and it has to stop. I guess it really comes in handy to be related to someone who can let you off for murdering a helpless animal.

Here are a few examples I've found.

1. Henrico Circuit Judge Burnett Miller III has announced that former Richmond sheriff's deputy David W. Robinson can spend the remaining 10 months of his 14 month sentence at home. Robinson was charged with animal cruelty when 16 of the 22 malnourished dogs he owned died or had to be humanely euthanized. Judge Miller still hasn't taken credit for what he has done.

2. Chief of Police Vince Hatthorn of Danbury, Texas made the news in January 2010 when he stood by and did nothing in an abuse/neglect case reported by many residents. Neighbors were trying to keep the dogs fed until the police intervened, but at least one dog had died. The man "caring" for the dogs has the same last name as Chief Hatthorn's wife. Her maiden name was Bingham. Hmmmmm...........

Click here for video on this case.

There are cases such as this happening all over this country. I, personally, was involved in a similar case about ten years ago and this is what taught me how well the "good old boy" system works and how it's still alive and well, especially in rural areas.

I was visiting a friend on the other end of the town where I was living when three young boys ran up and informed me of a man who had poured kerosene on a dog and was threatening to set it on fire. I called the police on my cell phone as I ran down the street to where the dog was being abused.

I found a beautiful adult black lab and a man standing beside him with a cigarette lighter. It was at this time the police drove up and I thought my problem was over. After all, aren't the police supposed to protect everyone? Keep the peace? All I'll say to this is HELL NO! I really hate to use bad language, but wait until you read what happened next.

The man holding the lighter went over and talked to the police. Apparently he was friends with them and had been a member of the force years before. He totally conned them. When I asked one of the officer's to smell the dog, he replied "who would do that to a dog?" He REFUSED!

Then he left and as much as threatened me with arrest if I called them back out on another "nuisance" call. This occurred after hours, which meant the Humane Society wouldn't come out except when called by the police.

So I took the dog and placed him in a good home until the situation could be sorted out. My car spelled of kerosene for over two weeks. The black lab was never claimed so a friend of mine got herself a good dog out of a bad situation.

I'm writing this article for two reasons. The first is to inform my readers that cases like this occur every day. You have corrupt lawmen. Take the story I did for hubpages where this man wasn't immediately charged with animal cruelty because he knew the sheriff. If you think this legal system corruption doesn't exist, you're going through life with blinders on. While most of those involved in our local government are normal animal loving citizens at the end of the day, the few who aren't are a risk to our very safety.

It's been shown there's a close link between animal abuse and criminal domestic violence. So by allowing these animal abusers to walk free, the safety of the public is in serious jeopardy.

The second reason I'm writing this is to ask (BEG) for help. Legal help. Is there anyone out there who knows how to deal with a system where the guilty go free because of who they are or who they know? Nepotism shouldn't dictate who does and doesn't pay for their crimes!

I spoke online with my dear friend Roger Cotterman, who is an animal rescuer and an investigator. He is one of many I admire for the work he does for animals everywhere. He sent me this comment, which I am proud to include in this article. I hope he will also respond to the article on how we can all stop corrupt government concerning animal abuse.

Roger Cotterman: "That is something that needs to be stopped. Nepotism is something that hinders those who are dedicated to solving crimes and helping animals in need. You can quote me on that. Nepotism, allows people who should be punished go free to commit their crimes or abuse animals again. I am getting with a state representative to make the laws in this state more severe for dog abuse, backyard breeders and dog fighting rings. This has to be stopped."

I look forward to your comments and suggestions.


Elisa Black-Taylor is a regular contributor to


White Township Police Officer Charged With Cruelty To Animals

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      little star 6 years ago

      ppl shud stop this

    • profile image

      lil lupez 6 years ago

      elisa taylor iz very smart because the way is spreading these its smart okay ive been trying to help because but all i get is tell it to ur lil friends just because im 12 years old help me stop these plizz than

    • profile image

      hippie girl 6 years ago

      hello im doing a project on animal abuse can u help me plizz any wayzz thanx

    • htodd profile image

      htodd 6 years ago from United States

      This is really interesting post...Nice

    • profile image

      Toni 6 years ago

      The town of Ottumwa, Iowa is having a controversy with the local Police Department over several unjustified dog shootings. There have been numerous witnesses to these and will describe a grusome sight of innocent, scared dogs being shot in the dog's own yard. Of course the Chief of Police claims that he's investigated each case and always comes back saying that his officer did nothing wrong. There are non-lethal techniques to handle "viscious" animals, but according to Ottumwa's PD, those methods never work. I find it hard to believe that this small town of Ottumwa, Iowa has so many viscious, life threating animals living here.

    • lightning john profile image

      lightning john 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi there! It really infuriates me when I here of animal abuse. Recently a Minneapolis lady mailed a small puppy in a box! Fortunately the post men realized that there was an animal in the box, and rescued it before it went out. The lady after being charged with animal abuse, now wants the puppy back. She was trying to send it to Atlanta! Can you even imagine?

      I would like to put her in a box with no air holes for a couple hours and see how she like it!

      With our people that are supposed to protect and serve, for them to abuse animals it is unthinkable. Abuse of power is everywhere.

    • theherbivorehippi profile image

      theherbivorehippi 7 years ago from Holly, MI

      This is why I hate people and love animals. I think any cowardly person who hurts an animal in any way should be treated the same way a criminal would who hurts a person (in my eyes they should be treated worse but that will never happen). And, what kind of joke is t to allow people off the hook. These are innocent creatures. WE are guests on their Earth. So sick. I shall link this to a few of my hubs later when I have a few extra minutes. Thanks for such an important hub.

      “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

      Mahatma Gandhi

    • profile image

      Pacgrovemum 7 years ago

      Old news, new news, same ole bad ole boy news. In Carmel Meadow's, a woman renter, in a house there, got away with murder of pet's and plant's belonging to the tenant who had to move, by police safe escort, after calling 911 for extreme violence, threat's of more, and trying to follow advice of Minister, to take walk until she cooled off, the violent woman dialed 911 instead, seeking to have arrested, the tenant.. when even this act of warped menacing lying hatred failed her, the mean person threatened again, to harm the tenant's toddler child, and this was when the tenant mother called for 911 to save them. No, the police failed miserably to remove child to safety tho asked, and failed with refusal, illegally, to press charges for prior death attempt's, violences, yet they placed up police yellow tape across tenants rental door, and warned other tenant do not cross or its a misdemeanor. It took a mere three day's for the Law to be deliberately broken, she got in there, removed the trying to find attorney mother tenant.. removed her old hampster, in cage, who had plenty of food and water and clean bedding, removed the darling pet, and put it in her van also running from the Judge, out of County, to Orange County, Irvine, with the toddler, and the pet, leaving it to die with her sister.. letting it out, in their house, she went back, deliberately broke the rules on the phone with the desperate tenant, she killed the toddler's betta fish, cruelly, in the sun outside, and buried it. She put the Mother's Day tiger's lily orchid, in the giant floor by the wall of glass, in the sun and refused to move it, until it was shrivelled and dead. This was in ONE MONTH.

      This woman is married to Officer A.F. and Govt retired Securities.. no police report's remain when they are filed, they "disappear" THE SPCA REFUSED TO SAVE THESE ANIMALS.

    • profile image

      UGG 7 years ago

      good very good??

    • profile image

      Connie D. 7 years ago

      I watch The show Animal Planet and see all the horrible abuse of animals. I love that the Houston SPCA investigators are strict and strong in taking people to court and win ownership of the animals, cure them and put them up for adoption. Then they show the people with their new pets. Soooo AWESOME!

    • Elisa Taylor profile image

      Elisa Black-Taylor 7 years ago from The beautiful Carolina's

      Please spread this story around everyone. I want people to know about this as strongly as I do the stories I have on stressing animal abuse by kids leads to CDV. People should know that when they call the police for help, the police are not always their friend.

      Just as a thought, I started a site on Facebook called Steal A Pet To Save A Pet. It turns out a lot of us have stolen abused animals to save them.

      Please feel free to join my group. It can be reached by going to Elisa Black Taylor on FB and it's on the left hand side under my LINKS.

    • kmackey32 profile image

      kmackey32 7 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      Great Hub... Animal abuse is terrable

    • Lucky Cats profile image

      Kathy 7 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      Elisa, spreading the word is very very important..and it is amazing that so many are not aware of how much abuse is out there. you are doing a very wonderful thing = having the strength to confront this in writing and share it with others. This is not an easy row to hoe....

    • Elisa Taylor profile image

      Elisa Black-Taylor 7 years ago from The beautiful Carolina's

      Thanks. I'm really proud of this one. Extra proud because I don't think a lot of people realize how bad this problem is. And I have no clue on how to fight it.

    • drdspervez profile image

      drdspervez 7 years ago from Pakistan

      Eliza ! A good Hub by you.


    • profile image

      Whitey Cat 7 years ago

      "Drug-infused psychopaths! This is not really nepotism though where relatives or friends are given preference without it being merited. This is gangsterism which, with all its parallels, is operating far to freely in society."

    • profile image

      Roger Cotterman 7 years ago

      Great article. Corrupt governments need to be dealt with. Especially when they are helping friends escape punishment for their crimes.

      That is why I work in animal rescue, to not only help the animals, but to make sure that those who are arrested also serve the appropriate sentence for their crimes.

    • Lucky Cats profile image

      Kathy 7 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      Elisa...boy, am I glad I found you! I posted this story on my Facebook page...and signed petitions, etc...I am so glad to see a kindred spirit here...I am an animal advocate/activist and I am astounded, saddened, sickened, disappointed and debilitated by the unbelievable things humans do to animals and GET AWAY with it. Please read my hubs...about'll see we are the same. I absolutely will follow is helpful and helps to ease some of the pain/burden of this very very difficult reality. Much respect and regards!! Kathy aka Lucky Cats