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Could You Be Fanta's New Family?

Updated on June 27, 2009

June 27, 2009: Been A While

So I've known about this dog for a few months.  Her photos just make my heart ache and I really wish I could bring her home and give her the life she deserves. Unfortunately my husband and I live in a small condo with three small dogs, and we just can't have another one right now, especially one that will need a lot of exercise and play time.

My contact at the DC Animal Shelter told me that they have had Fanta since March and is the dog in most need of a home:

“She came to us because while her owner moved, [she was given] to a friend and the owner never came back for her. She has been here since March. She’s great outside her cage–she loves to play, loves balls and squeaky toys and has a ton of energy. She needs to find a home that will give her the basics of training and will give her plenty of exercise and lots of affection as she LOVES getting snuggles."

~ Jess Townsend
Shelter Coordinator
The Washington Humane Society

Fanta is a pit bull terrier mix, still a pup at just under a year old. She is already enrolled in the Washington Humane Society's In-House Training Program where she is learning basic obedience to give her a great start in her new home!

I have tried my best to spread the word with my friends, on Facebook and on my blog, hoping that someone will snatch her up and give her her forever home. I am hoping that there is a Hubber out there who might be able to do that.

Fanta, Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Fanta is less than 1 year old
Fanta is less than 1 year old
Fanta with her ball
Fanta with her ball

Where To Find Fanta

Fanta is at the Washington Humane Society's Northwest DC location:

7319 Georgia Ave NW
Washington, DC 20012

Tel. 202-723-5730

WHS Adoption Page

The WHS is currently offering 50% off on all adoptions!


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