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Cow Bells, Cowbell or Cowbells

Updated on April 3, 2011
Cow Bell,Cowbell,Cowbells
Cow Bell,Cowbell,Cowbells

Cow Bells, Cowbell or Cowbells

Cow bell, cowbell or cow bells. Where do people get those ding dangle cowbells? The ones that can be heard during those exciting Olympic skiing events and football or hockey games.

What about the cowbells that some musicians use as a percussion instrument in their music.

Cow bells have been around for many many years and said to be hung around the necks of grazing cattle so that they can be heard when wondering around the mountain sides or fields.

One of the reasons for using these wonderful cow bells with cattle is that they would be hung around a cows neck making it easier to find the cow in the event that they happened to stray away from the herd.

Cow bells are an age old part of the processions that are celebrated in the high alps of Switzerland. Farmers spend weeks during the summer months high in the grasslands feeding the cattle and producing milk and cheese.

Biggest Cowbell

A cow that produces very large amounts of milk and is considered the prize cow may be seen proudly wearing the largest cowbell called a Trychel.

Processions or celebrations such as the Alpaufzug which is also known as the alpine procession in Switzerland is an yearly celebration in the spring after all the snow has melted where villagers send their goats and cows into the high mountains to graze during the summer months.

The greatest milk producer is rewarded with wearing the largest cow bell and will lead the procession along the path making the long journey up into the high country.

The cows and farmers can spend up to 10 weeks in the mountains grazing until they are headed back down the mountain around September.


Cow Bell As A Instrument

Cow bells can also be heard during concerts or embedded thorough out a musical song as another instrument added to the sound effects of a song. 


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