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Craigslist's Rants & Raves Gets It's Pit On

Updated on April 23, 2012 dominates the internet by offering free classified ads for every part of the country. People can sell almost anything, businesses can post help wanted ads and people can find love. However, there is a side of Craigslist that permits frustration and annoying rants on any topic out there. Many issues that come up in every location are towards local stores, politics and even just complaining about road construction. When looking through posts you can find out in a matter of minutes who has too much time on their hands.

The Research- A Local Look At Views on Pit Bulls

This is a not-so scientific study on how people in my area view the American Pit Bull Terrier. I decided in the wake of the South Carolina Retriever mauling just a few days ago to see how people in my area would react. So I took to Craigslist to find out. The reaction was amazing to even me.

The topic was, of course, Pit Bulls and their danger. I did included information and a link to the Retriever story. But the responses did not touch on the story that just occurred. I shouldn't have been surprised but I was. The focus was only on the fact that I have children and Pit Bulls. None of the posts that followed mine even made a mention to the death of the 2 month old. I was ridiculed for having Pit Bulls, I told that I was a bad mother by people who have never had a dog that was a bully breed.

One of the posted immediately started a list of websites that he said "contained facts" on my breed. Never once did the man mention the CDC (Center for Disease Control) or AVMA (American Veterinary Associate). This two agencies are the authorities on dog bite statistics. Once I posted another response but included information copied and pasted from the CDC website and even was as far to do some some math on a 20 year study performed by the CDC. He then decided that the CDC is opinionated and invalid for statistics.

The Math

I broke down the math from the research that was performed and included some very basic easy to find stats. Here it is...

There are around 800,000 severe dog attacks/bites a year that require medical treatment. In a 20 year span that is 16 million dog attacks/bites. There were 66 fatal dog attacks from Pit Bull type dogs that occurred during those 20 years. So the percentage is pretty easy. Of 16 million attacks/bites 0.0004125% of attacks/bites were fatal and caused by Pit Bull type dogs.

The term Pit Bull type dog refers to Pit Bull-ish dogs, the attacks/bites are reported from the hospitals where people are treated. The CDC has stated that the only real way to determine a dog's breed is to do DNA testing. Since no one remembers to grab a DNA sample while they are being attacks, the dog will be classified as a Pit Bull type dog if the person involved or a witness says it looked like a Pit Bull.

Results of Research

My research shows that people who have a strong opinion and have never received accurate information tend to use sources that have no accreditation and that say what they want hear. Also interesting was how other then my initial post not a single person commented or had a reaction to the mauling of the 2 month old.

Even in his final post of the night, the man that decided that the CDC was bias towards Pit Bulls, he mocked by saying "Sleep well.....don't let the pit bulls bite."


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    • profile image

      Bully fan 5 years ago

      Read an article today, an 81 year old woman was attacked by 2 pit bulls. The owner immediately shot 1 of the dogs in the head. The other is being held by police. Looks like one will be charged because the lady may be one of the dogs owner. This was handled how I would of handled it if my dog attacked brutally. I wouldn't make A huge deal over what should happen next. The man took it in his hands to deal with the lead aggressor. Having to put your own dog down is hard enough.

    • profile image

      scottmurray 5 years ago

      I have raised, bred, and kept pit bulls for over 30 years, going back to the early 80s. All of my dogs came from traceable, game-bred bloodlines. This DOES NOT mean that these were fighting dogs, or raised with a mindset to fight. When raising a puppy that was going to become my pet, I took him everywhere. The key to raising these dogs is to exercise them regulary, after all they are canine athletes, socialize,socialize,socialize, and enroll them in some kind of obedience trainging. Another thing that I have found is that many pit owners think it is cool to point there dog at another dog and get him worked up to see him growl and act aggressive. Let me just say that is like loading a gun and leaving it in the front yard. These dogs psches are hardwired genectically, to be absolutely driven to make there people happy, then the dog will make every effort to make that happen for the affection of his owner. It only takes one time to cause a problem and then all of us other pit owners have to listen to idiots with no clue accuse of being irresponsible for owning a dog.

    • Theophanes profile image

      Theophanes 5 years ago from New England

      No one that believes media hype likes pit bulls. I saw an articles on a bad dog bite in the newspaper once. The dog was described as a "lab mix" and before the week was out it somehow morphed into a pit bull. Now I have a pit bull whose severely inbred and likely came from fighting lines. As with most pits she's friendly towards people (unless one's attacking me then all bets are off.) No one breeding these animals to fight is going to want to breed a dog that fights people. That's retarded! They're breeding dogs that are aggressive *towards other dogs.* And that's my problem. I don't trust my pitty around other dogs but I have seen her try to rescue a drowning child. I'm sick of people bashing bully breeds. Do they need extra attention in some regards, yes! But that's what being a responsible dog owner is!

    • Phantom552 profile image

      Phantom552 5 years ago from Arizona, USA

      Interesting hub, I look forward to reading more like it.