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Crate Training To Prevent Your Dog From Jumping on People

Updated on August 28, 2009
While your dog jumping on you and other people can become problematic for you at times you will not mind your dog jumping on people. Now if you are coming into the house with an armful of groceries and your dog is underfoot or even worse jumping on you knocking you back out the door that can be a problem. However, you can break that behavior and you will probably want to break that behavior fairly quickly.

The first method that I had to utilize to break my dog from jumping on me and others while coming home from the store or just having friends over was to utilize a crate. Now granted this method worked out in helping potty train as well because my dogs are crate trained. I only used this method to when I was not home so they would not knock me over when I first got home to. Now I would have to take and place him in a crate before I left the house and that way when I got home he would be contained and not running to the door knocking me over or anyone else that was with me, mainly my kids.

The next method that worked out really well was obedience training. Now with the training that they received they would start to listen to me and back off if I was coming in with my arms full. This worked good for my Lab to a point, but at times he gets so excited he just flat forgets and comes to the door in a full run anyways. Now excitable dogs are little bit harder to control and that is fine because they are just letting you know that they are happy to see you. However, if they are going to be a large breed excitable dog then you will definitely want to look into obedience training before you find yourself on the ground looking up at them one day because they got so excited.

Granted your dog jumping up on you and other people can be a nice thought at times, but if your arms are full it can quickly become annoying. However, you just have to remember that if you train your dog right then he will listen to you and stop jumping on you or others. The main thing that I do though when I leave the house for a short time is place my dog in a crate because then I am able to get into the house without having to fight thru him first.


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    • Isabellas profile image

      Isabellas 7 years ago from Ohio

      I like that as well Nicole, but at the same time I prefer crate training until they settle down. Then let them out of the crate and meet the people on the terms that I have set, rather than one that they use.

      Then I can reward the positive and good behavior of being calm. Rather than teaching them that if they start acting like they are going to jump on someone they get a treat. Then that would encourage them to keep doing this.

    • profile image

      Nicole 7 years ago

      When training a dog not to jump, I like to teach him that good things come from the floor. So if the dog is about to jump up, I throw treats on the floor to distract him. I also teach him a 'touch' or 'shake' command. It doesn't take long before the dog learns that this is the proper way to greet family and guests. :)