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Complete Betta Fish Care

Updated on April 27, 2015

Beautiful Siamese Fighting Fish Tank/Plant Combo

Blazin' Master Betta
Blazin' Master Betta

Betta Fish Tank with Living Plants

Even though Betta are just ten dollar fish, I believe my Betta deserve the most amazing place to live in the world. When we first saw them in the pet store they looked sad and depressed, squished into dirty containers. I wanted to give my new pets as much space as possible, something organic to interact with, as well as clean water, without struggling to change it too often.

We did a lot of research before purchasing our fish to make sure their home was set up properly for them. The main priority for your fish is space!!! Betta need around 5-10 gallon tanks to thrive.

As with any new pet (or plant friend) it's a priority to make sure everything lives a long and healthy life, and the less work that has to be done cleaning the better! More space keeps the water cleaner for longer, and keeps your fish active and alert. I hate seeing Betta trapped in a 1 liter "bowl" of water! They just float and don't move unless you are about to feed them. Tiny tanks also need to be cleaned weekly, and that is too often for me. Small bowls or vases can not support plant life and fish.

You can get a large glass container anywhere! Get a tall one vs. a wide one as it will take up less room in your house. Make sure the rim is wide enough for you to get a small container inside, to retrieve your fish when cleaning the bowl. Make sure the rim is not so wide that you can't find a suitable plastic tray to hold your plant out of the water.

Materials for Betta Fish Tank

  • Large Glass Container (5-10 gallon per fish or bigger)
  • Betta Fish
  • Peace Lily
  • Moss Balls
  • Center Piece
  • Plastic Tray for Peace Lily
  • De Chlorinator
  • Fish Food
  • Digital thermometer

All together this is going to run you about $100-$150. The bright side is that after initial costs there is basically nothing you will need to buy, and very little work to be done. For the quality of life you are providing your fish it is well worth it, and most of these supplies you would need regardless of how large a bowl you are offering.

#1 Friend

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One Happy Fish!
One Happy Fish!
One Happy Fish! | Source

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

The plants used in this fish tank are completely effortless. Aside from rinsing them off as you are changing the water, they require no work at all.

For the Peace Lily I purchased a large potted plant from a greenhouse. I removed it from the pot and tried to get as much of the dirt off as I could. Next the root ball was soaked over-night in a large bowl of water. The next day I easily removed more of the dirt, but decided it needed another night of soaking. After the third day there was next to no dirt or potting mix left and the plant went in the fish water. We bought a clear plastic plant drip tray that fit at the top of the glass container. Using an exacto-knife we cut a hole to fit the roots...voilà!

Living Moss Balls are the greatest! They are about ten dollars from the pet store but they grow and split, so you can make more and more.

My only warning with purchasing plants from the pet store is that they should be isolated for awhile before adding them to your fish tank. They can contain envasive life such as snails, which will breed and infest your environment. Keep the plants in their own clear container for a few weeks to make sure there is nothing living in the water with them. If there is rinse, repeat, rinse repeat, etc etc or go for new plants.

The fish love the roots and moss so you should try to encorperate as much as you can. Remember, these plants will take no time at all to care for, and they will be helping clean the water. These 2 plants really add so much beauty to your tank and they are not dangerous to your fish. Mine love to push the roots around and untangle them, or head butt the moss. .

Decorate your Betta Fish Tank

Aside from purchasing your fish, decorating the tank is basically the best part. Put something cool and unique in your fish tank. Make it personal, sophisticated, or just silly. Kids love this part of owning a fish so let them choose a few different things and switch them out when you clean. Pet stores have an extremely huge variety of things to choose from, I have seen everything from zombies to sports paraphernalia.

Whatever you decide to use make sure that your fish can not get trapped underneath or inside. Also, make sure that you bleach the item and allow it to air dry before adding it to your environment.

Don't forget you can decorate the outside of the tank as well! Put unique shells in the plastic tray that is holding your Peace Lily. We tape paper decorations to the outside that our fish love to hide behind. Often I will place a potted plant beside the fish bowl which gives the fishes something new to interact with. One of my betta sits on my dining room table. He absolutely LOVES eating with us. I never have to buy cut flowers because I have a beautiful Lily there that isn't going to die! When we have guests over they love checking out the fish and it's a great conversation starter.

Betta Fish Care

Follow the instructions on your Betta fish food container and resist the urge to overfeed your new friend! Overfeeding is a leading cause of illness and disease in pets (and humans!).

Clean your fish tank every 2-3 weeks. If you find it is not that dirty then wait longer.

Research what plants you use in your tank to make sure it is safe for your fish. Mine never eat the roots but I have heard of fish that do!

Don't place two Betta fish in the same tank as they will fight and injure or kill each other. Don't place a female and male together unless you are educated about how to breed fish correctly.

Don't place a thick layer of rocks, shells, or any other material at the bottom of a Betta fish bowl. We learned the hard way that Betta love to commit suicide by wedging themselves under heavy material, unable to come to the surface for air!

If your Betta kills itself, remember, you are not alone. Life goes on and there are many other beautiful fish in the sea!

Are You Ready for a Betta?

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Happy Fish Make Bubble Nests!

In large tanks your fish have time to do their favorite things! Changing the water less often means fish have time to build huge, beautiful bubble nests. xoxoxoxox
In large tanks your fish have time to do their favorite things! Changing the water less often means fish have time to build huge, beautiful bubble nests. xoxoxoxox | Source

How to Clean a Betta Fish Bowl

1. Remove the plant, rinse off the roots, place in a large bowl until you are done changing the water.

2. Use the plastic container your fish came in to scoop up your fish. Betta can be trained to swim into this container on their own if you are patient. A good habit to get into is to feed your fish after it has gone into the container, it will associate the container with food.

3. Remove living moss balls and give them a good rinse. Break apart larger ones to make more. Place in bowl with peace lily.

4. Remove any other contents and rinse. You may want to keep a clean toothbrush around to scrub off any "scum" that might build up. Do not use any chemicals at all to clean the bowl or the contents that aren't specifically made to be used in fish bowls!! dish soap or other cleaners can hurt your fish or the plants.

5. Take the temperature of the water using a digital thermometer.

6. Syphon the water out using a plastic tube or, if you are strong enough, carefully dump the water. Fish tank water can be used to feed indoor or outdoor plants but is very smelly so don't plan on storing it inside for very long.

6. Rinse and wipe down the sides and bottom of your fish bowl, allow to air dry.

7. As you fill the bowl back up get the temperature as close to what it was before you took any out. Make sure the water is between one degree of what it was before you put your fish back. I can usually play with the taps to get it exactly right almost immediately. Add in a de chlorinator as you fill the bowl or you must wait 24-48 hrs before returning your fish to it's bowl.

8. Place the habitat and living moss balls back into the bowl. Float the small container with the fish in it on top of the water so that the fish can slowly adjust to the new water. After 15 minutes, let your fish swim back in and place the peace lily back on top!

Betta Tricks!


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    • Mary Alison profile image

      Mary Alison 

      2 years ago

      We have a water softener at home and im wondering if we should buy bottled water for our fish which I just bought yesterday. The water was clear yesterday but this morning it is cloudy.

    • Judy Root profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Canada

      If it was mine would be dead by now!

    • Suzanne Day profile image

      Suzanne Day 

      3 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

      I always heard keeping bettas was a bit hard. Looks like it doesn't have to be ;)

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Good Hub, bettas are beautiful, low maintenance and long lived fish. They are a very relaxing addition to a small living space.


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