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How To Create That Everlasting Bond With Your Sugar Glider

Updated on August 6, 2011

Creating a life long bond

The Importance of Creating a Close Bond with Your Sugar Glider

Owning a Sugar Glider can be very rewarding but only if you do your research and dedicate time to your new pet. Sugar Gliders can be compared to a human baby and a mother. That's how strong of a bond you can have with your Sugar Glider. Bonding with your sugar glider is easy and the rewards are life long and entertaining.

Ways to bond with your new Sugar Glider

  • Start with something easy. Buy a zipper bonding pouch, make sure it's a zipper pouch, until your glider is use to you they may wander without you knowing it the zipper is for both of your safety.
  • Wear the zipper pouch between two shirts and close to your heart beat. Like I said Sugar Gliders are like newborns they bond to your heart beat and your smell.
  • When your not carrying them around make sure for the first month or so take a shirt you wore all day no cologne or perfume. Place the shirt in the cage and if they want let them lay in it.
  • After a month or two I would get a pocket tee from dickies and put the glider in it with some parrot food for them to munch on. I could carry my sugar glider around when it was bonded with me after 3 months i could carry him around for 6-8 hours in my pocket.
  • Don't worry Sugar Gliders usually won't poop or pee in your pocket they wait til they come out or you pull them out so place on a towel upon removal from your pocket.
  • Bonded Sugar Gliders will glide to you run to you and proved you with tons of enjoyment and tricks. For example my sugar glider Zeus would glide 3-4 feet from one person back to me with the click of my fingers.

Remember not all Sugar Gliders become bonded to you as fast as others. Male Gliders usually bond quicker the female gliders. Remember be patient you will enjoy it in the long run. Some of my gliders took 8 months to bond to me and they bite me a couple times. This sounds weird but when they bite you don't pull away unless it's bad. Gliders test their boundaries and if they don't want to be picked up they nip at you but pick them up anyways. If you pull away when they nip you they associate nipping with you leaving them alone that's not what you want. 

Remember before handling let them wake up first,  A bonded sugar glider is a wonderful nice and tame sugar glider that will entertain you and your guest for hours.


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