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Cursed Woman Marries Dog

Updated on September 4, 2014

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Marriage Cures Curses

We all love our dogs, but none of us love them as much as this 18 year old woman from India. She found a stray dog on the streets of Jharkland, India, and went through a marriage ceremony to demolish a curse placed on her family.

The curse, placed on the family of Mangli Munda, stated that any man who married Mangli would succumb to a swift death. When the curse was realized, the family sought the help of the elders for a solution. The elders told Mangli to marry a dog right away to remove the curse.

Mangli was quoted as stating that the marriage was not pleasant, but only necessary. The dog has been dubbed "Sheru", and is living pleasantly next to his bride, for the time being. There is no word as to what will happen after the curse has been lifted and the evil spirit has been removed.

The lucky dog was escorted to the ceremony in a stretch limousine.

Marrying a Dog Isn't That Strange

Marrying a pooch might seem extreme to ward off a curse, but it's not the strangest way to get rid of curses. Those who believe in hoodoo soothe malicious spirits with a rattle made from gourd seed and rattlesnake vertebrae. Bat bones are considered very lucky in Greek culture, and people have been known to carry around a bag of these bones to keep evil spirits at bay. Italians believe a bird in the house is bad luck and would rather kill the animal than keep it around. Russians believe a cat entering the home before anyone else upon purchase will bring great fortune to the home, but the cat cannot be a member of the family. For this reason, a Russian agency is renting cats to new homeowners who can use the cat for two hours on moving day. The cat can't be black, though, as Russia is one of the many nations worldwide who believe a black cat is unlucky. The Great Witch Hunts in early America saw the death of many black cats. Dolphins are rumored to be symbols of good weather to come, while early Brits believed letting children ride on the back of a brown bear helped prevent whooping cough. There is no word on the Brit's belief in a direct correlation between bears and mauled children.

Keeping Curses Away

When it comes to keeping away curses, marrying a dog seems like the least amount of hassle, though the ceremony was quite involved. The elders of the village advised the family to make the ceremony a traditional marriage with all the bells and whistles. The family believed so deeply in the curse that they were willing to spend any amount of money to banish the evil spirit.

People believe so strongly in evil spirits that they will go to great lengths to get rid or avoid them. Animals have long been a part of the banishing tradition, and this lucky pup went from homeless to well fed thanks to an evil spirit belief. Other animals aren't so lucky; he should bask in his newfound well being until his bride decides the curse is over and she moves on to one of her own species.

The elders believe that if she stays married to the dog for a short time, a man can then marry her and he will not die.


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