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Customized Turtle Tanks for Sale

Updated on January 7, 2011

There are many turtle tanks for sale but you can also make a customized tank. Many people keep turtles indoor while you can make a customized tank to carry it and you can place it outdoor as well.

The customized tank can have many similar ideas like turtle tanks for sale. The customized tank can be made of wood or plastic and it should not be too heavy. A small tub or box should be placed inside with water for the turtle to enjoy the water region along with the dry region.

The advantage of having an outdoor tank is that your turtle can enjoy the direct sunlight as well. The turtle tanks for sale however give the lights which are fulfilling the purpose of the sunlight but there is nothing better than having pure sunlight.

It is not necessary that you should keep your turtle whole day inside the tank, you can take it out for a while but then you have to be extra cautious since it can get lost. Also it can eat something poisonous so keep an eye on it if you are about to take it out from its tank.

Many turtles love eating plants while some eats both plants and animal food. Find out what is your turtle specie and then give the feed accordingly. Also it is a nice idea to keep some water plants so when the turtle have the appetite; it can eat the plants itself. It is never recommended to give one kind of food to the turtle because then it would become addicted to it and even refuse to eat something else. So always give a variety and some nutritious food to your turtle to keep it healthy.

Do not only rely on the sunlight if you making a customized turtle tank. There are some seasons when the sun comes for a very little time. You should have an extra lamp for your turtle home. Also have a thermometer inside it so you can check the temperature. The light should never be given on the whole tank. When the turtle would have enough light, it would move to the dark area. So you can have a customized tank exactly like turtle tanks for sale.


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