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Cute Covers For Your Pets SnuggleSafe Heatpad

Updated on April 21, 2012

What Is A SnuggleSafe?

Please read the warning comment at the end of this article before using this product.  You, alone are responsible for the safety of your pets, and determining whether or not you are willing to take this risk.  It may be prudent to contact the manufacturer with concerns, or questions regarding directions.

The SnuggleSafe is a non-electrical disk that puts out up to 12 hours of safe warmth for your pet. It has proven to be a great way to provide comforting heat for your older dog, abandoned kittens, rabbits, and cats and dogs who love to snuggle in a nice warm bed.

It is simple to use; just following the directions by heating up in your microwave, you simply cover it with the cover provided, a blanket, or one of the cute covers available to purchase separately.

The SnuggleSafe is inexpensive and very easy to use. Several reviews give four and five star reviews! Place it in your home, in the dog igloo on cold nights, or in the kennel.

Remember that the SnuggleSafe is a hard disk, about the size of a Frisbee.  You will want to provide a cover for the disk to protect your pet from the direct heat, and to give a cozy padding.

Bonzo the Dog SnuggleSafe Cover

This SnuggleSafe cover is perfect with it's zippered pocket to slip the disk into.  A fun design!

A sweet cushion for comforting puppies, easing the aches of an arthritic older dog, and for pampering your dog buddy.

Bonzo the Cat SnuggleSafe Cover

Another cute cover for kittens, strays on your porch, or for the show cat with a sense of fun.

All the SnuggleSafe Covers are machine washable, and easy to care for.

You pet won't turn away from this source of warmth and comfort!

Other Choices For Your SnuggleSafe

There is a nice choice for a cover with the powder blue Heatpad Cover

It has a velcro fasterner for a snug fit, and is washable.  Soft!

With it's price of $3.10, you can get a couple to rotate in the wash


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    • lindajot profile image

      lindajot 7 years ago from Willamette Valley - Oregon

      Thank you so much for posting this comment - I hadn't heard of any issues. I will post a warning as well.

    • profile image

      Christine Hubal 7 years ago

      I am a moderator on Handicapped and a Snuggle Safe user for the past two years. We recently averted a near tragedy due to this product. Please read the thread I created complete with pictures . I have notified the makers of the product and have yet to receive a response so I am trying to warn others of the possible danger. I will never endanger my pets or my home with this product again.