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Cute pets to rear to relief stress

Updated on October 13, 2015

List of cute pets to rear to relief stress

Pets not only can be a good friends when you’re lonely, it can be a stress relief since you’re building a good relationship with your cute pet, after times of affectionate care. The presence of cute pets also means that your love towards the animals are far beyond any stress you’re facing in your daily routine. And most of the times your pet will come to you when you’re feeling down or feeling sad. It is your moving companion. So here are the list of cute pets that you can rear for your personal stress reliever. There are some that I may not list it here and the pet of choice depends on each individual, some may like cute pets and some may like wild and bizarre pets. And I hope this article can motivate you to start breed a new pet later, the pet of your choice of course:

a) Cat

Don’t you feeling like the cats meowing while waiting for you to reach home? That’s the cuteness of a feline can do for you. Not forget its role in catching mice and rats, which is another bonus of owning a cute cat. And there is also another advantages that cat owns when other animal don’t, it will never dies when fall from great height, therefore the cat can travel into high places without fall into death. That’s how secure you can be when you have a cat, just ensure you need to take care where it went though. Also, cats can also become a life-saver alarms as it has instinct of detecting any signs of natural disasters. And thanks to cat-inspired Hello Kitty from Japan, the worldwide love of cats are on the high now.

b) Dog

There are saying that ‘Dogs are men best friend.’ How true that statement is. Dog itself maybe fierce for some with its barks and bites but for some species it can be a good companion and a good friends all along. And with the practice of bringing your dog for a walk, it is also a good way to bring your lovely pet together outdoors. And of course there is another bonus for breeding dogs, it can fend off house intruders and strangers, which is your natural burglar alarm. Just like cats, dogs can also become a life-saver alarms as it has instinct of detecting any signs of natural disasters. So having a good dog can be a good companion and life-saver at the same time.

c) Rabbit

With a cute rabbit jumping hopping to the owner, what a nice feeling with such a cute, affectionate pet. Although rabbit did not make any sounds, it is a cutest of all pet, and it can feed on anything that is plant-based, not necessarily always carrot. It is this cuteness that this lovely pet is a pet of choice for all magician. Furthermore, rabbit can also be breed for its meat which is tender and less cholesterol. That is only if you breed it commercially. Other than that, owners will be quite reluctant to have their cute hopping pet taken away for food. In general, this cute, affectionate pet can a men best friend and a food at the same time.

d) Fish

A cute fish may not approachable directly to the owner as it stays in the water or in the aquarium but how active and lovely it was to swim in the deep water and even perform miracle swimming skills which can amazes you. And the fish breeding also has its bonus, less cost of food needed as it is cheaper on just feeding on feeds on small amount or simply catch some worms for fish feed. Also, just like rabbit, when the fish is matured enough (only applicable for some species and only if the owner allows it), it can be eaten as food, depends on how you cook it. Therefore, a fish can a pet and a food at the same time.

e) Hamster

With its playful skills and its active lifestyle, don’t you just enjoy how much the workout done by a single hamster can amaze you? With its cute looks and its active movement, you will admire its agility and playfulness of a single rat-like creatures that amazed you all the times. Every movement from running, crossing a small hurdle, and best of all, running in a spinning wheel. That’s shows how much its activity of a single cute creature that you’ll definitely admire. And since it is small in size, you also no need to spent more on its feed.

f) Bird

With its lovely chirping sounds and even talks (particularly parrot and cockatoo), don’t you admire its intelligence and agility of this flying creature? For some species, it also has another bonus which is catching harmful prey for food (such as owls). Nowadays, this flying pets is also breed for biological control purpose, which is prey-predator relationship utilization to control the pest in agricultural area such as owl is used to control the mice presence in agricultural fields.

How to you like pets as stress reliever?

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