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D.A.P Dog Appeasing Pheromone For Anxious Dogs

Updated on October 13, 2009

Anybody who has ever owned an anxious dog will be able to sympathize with how sad it is when a dog suffers from anxiety. Anxiety can take many forms in dog behavior, some of the more common are listed below:

  • Excessive Barking
  • Tail Chasing
  • Destructive Behaviors
  • Separation Anxiety (This is an umbrella term covering a wide range of behaviors connected with a fear of being left alone. Clicking on the words 'Separation Anxiety will take you to a hub written on D.A.P and Separation Anxiety.)

In many cases doggy anxiety can be relieved by training the owner how to treat the dog in such a fashion that it is able to relax. Often dog anxiety is triggered by human behavior and uncertainty of its status in the pack, or the mistaken belief that it is the leader of the pack when it would really much rather not be. There has been amply literature written on these subjects however, and it is easily accessible on line, so instead of rehashing the old "be the pack leader" line, I'm going to recommend an aid that I have found useful in dealing with my dogs.

D.A.P, or dog appeasing pheromone is a synthetic formulation that emulates the pheromone a mother dog gives off when she is raising young puppies. This pheromone is intensely calming to the puppies, and imparts a feeling of safety and security, and a sense that they are at home.

D.A.P has been formulated as a spray, as a plug in diffuser, and as a collar, and each of these products releases these synthetic pheromones into the air, where the dog senses them and, in a great many cases, becomes noticeably less anxious and more calm as a result.

Dogs which have serious behavioral problems beyond mere anxiety, dogs whose canine needs are not being met, and dogs which are aggressive respond much less to treatment with D.A.P, so before investing in some of the product, make sure that you have objectively assessed your pet's needs and the reasons for its anxiety. There are a great many reasons why a pet might become anxious however, and many of them are simply out of the owner's control. Things like moving house, the arrival of a new baby, or a new pet, the loss of an owner, car travel, flying, all these things and many more can make a dog or puppy anxious. It is in these sorts of circumstances that D.A.P works best.

How Do I Use D.A.P?

The plug in diffuser is the easiest and simplest mode of using D.A.P when it comes to household use. Simply plug it in and it releases a steady stream of D.A.P for up to a month.

D.A.P spray is useful in cases where there is no electricity, or when you are on the move. The spray can be put on bedding or even furniture as it is non staining. It is recommended that you spray it at least 15 minutes before the dog is introduced to the environment, and you should never spray it directly on the dog. Spraying some on a bandanna or cloth and tying it around the dog's neck is also a popular method of administering D.A.P, just make sure that it is well dried and the alcohol smell is gone before you tie it around his neck.

The D.A.P collar is fairly self explanatory, and is an excellent solution if you want your pet to be constantly calmed wherever he goes. D.A.P collars are particularly useful for dogs or puppies who tend to be nervous or anxious in a wide range of situations.


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