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DFW Teen Voice Information on Arabian Horses

Updated on April 12, 2011

"Youth and Arabian Horses as a Pet"


The current issue of slaughtering and eating horse meat flashed over the news.When I heard this my heart became sadden because of the love I have for horses. I acquired this love as a child when going camping in elementary school. Later in life I had the opportunity to take care and train 10 Arabian Show Horses a desire and goal of a lifetime came true. Horses are sensitive creatures and yes they talk with you if you can listen. Yes, horses not only do you know how they feel they know how you feel. yes, we are carnivores to eat animals by choice but for us here in America to start eating our horses we should think twice. Their is a movement for save the forest, save our whales and save the environment. I move in this article to save our horses. I challenge you to learn about horses gain skills to ride and then you will know for yourself to save our horses from being eaten for our dinner.

You can get to know a horse by doing something simple like just feeding a horse.

How you Appoarch the Horses:

1.) Find a already trained horses that is gated, maybe you have a friend or a horse riding stable.

2.) Your going to feed the horse out of your hand.

3). When you approach the horse let the horse sense your presence because the horse has a sence of smell. So, the horse will know you by your scent.

4). Have some corn or hay in your hand which the horse will eat by first smelling the food and then eating out of your hand.

5). To challenge yourself you can now go horse back riding this will become a memorable experience of a life time

These are the beginning steps to getting to know your horse and loving it. Oh, don't forget to pet the horse which show the horse some love for eating out of your hand and remember he is your pet.



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    • DFW TEEN VOICE profile image

      DFW TEEN VOICE 7 years ago from Richardson, Texas

      Horse Lovers a must read and those who are not interested in eating our horses for dinner.