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DIY Stylish Dog Bowls

Updated on June 12, 2014

Ditch the ugly dish

China is well-suited for pet bowls because it is sturdy, attractive, easy to find, and available in a wide range of styles or patterns. You can turn a secondhand piece of china into a stylish DIY dog bowl within minutes.

Size matters when it comes to doggie dishes

Not all bowls will work for all pooches. Your chihuahua mix and your Great Dane may eat the same food, but would have difficulty sharing a dish. A bowl large enough to accommodate your Dane's jaws may seem like a bed to your pocket dog.

Watch your pet standing and gauge how far her head sits above the ground. The higher up the head sits, the deeper bowl your pet can handle. Deep, wide dishes are best for big pets like the Dane, because they need the extra space to open and close their mouths during mealtime. Small breeds, like the chihuahua, and puppies, have heads quite close to ground level. Because they can't get their heads into a deep bowl, they require a shallow bowl.

Finding an artisanal dog dish

As you shop for a stylish china dog dish, remember your earlier observations about your dog’s size. While pedestal or whimsical dishes are fun to look at, these can topple over easily because the weight is not distributed evenly. When your dog goes to eat from these bowls, she can knock the dish over, spilling food and potentially chipping the china. While they may be pretty, do not purchase dishes that are marked "For decorative use only." These might contain a material or finish glaze that is unsuitable for consumption. Over time, this could leach into the pet food and sicken your pet.

Once you've found a stylish doggie dish, inspect it carefully for chips or scratches. You would not want your pet to ingest shards of china and sustain an internal injury. Once you find a bowl that is in good shape and sized right for your pet, purchase it.

Decorating your new dish

Once you've found the right pet dish, you can personalize it to make it even more fun. Stencil your pet's name on the dish using letter stencils and china paint. Allow the paint to dry before using the dish.

Metallic accents are trending right now, so you could also gild the lily by using gold contact paper to class up the bowl. All you'll need is gold contact paper and scissors. Cut out designs, then apply the contact paper to the dog dish.


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