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Updated on December 3, 2011
Dooley, dressed up in a red bow tie. Looking Fine Dooley.
Dooley, dressed up in a red bow tie. Looking Fine Dooley.

Struck by a truck as a tiny puppy, little Dooley never lost his spirit and desire to live.

Despite crushing injuries to his pelvis and spine and constant pain, this sweet animal has fought to stay alive and endure.

He was taken to a shelter to be put down but rescued the last day by Save The Animal Rescue Ranch. Founders Jim and Karen Owens watched the puppy struggle just to wag his tail, and they could not give up on Dooley.

A physical examination confirmed the seriousness of the injuries to Dooley. There is little skeletal structure left in his hips and pelvis.

Jim Owens worked with Dooley giving him massage therapy and amazingly little Dooley was able to walk again, despite his awful injuries.

Dooley is now old enough for his bone structure to be mature but he is in grave danger from all the loose sharp bone fragments in his body. He needs surgery. The surgery will be $3000.00.

Lots of people are trying to help Dooley with fundraisers, selling cupcakes, donations, but it’s a lot of money.Donations can be sent to STAR Ranch at 970 Rabbit Skin Road, Waynesville, N.C. 28785 or through the website at For information call 400-0182 or 400-4940

As a little incentive to help Dooley, if you send me $7.00 I will see to it that STAR ranch gets all the money, and I will send you a free copy of one of my suspense novels. You can choose from three that are published, or wait for the one about a remarkable dog name Bear. Go here to see the book descriptions:

You can send money to me through paypal from my wedding florists website on the contact page:

I really would like to see this sweet animal have a shot at life and get adopted into a nice home. Wouldn't you?



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