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Dasuquin for Dogs

Updated on February 23, 2017

Dasuquin for Dogs Does it Really Work ?

One of the worst health problems that affect dogs as they age is joint disease. It is reported that more than 8 millions dogs in the US alone are suspected to suffer from either clinical joint disease or sub-clinical joint disease. This has been a worrying trend for most pet owners since joint illness can seriously jeopardize the ability of your dog to move around freely as well as have a comfortable life.Due to these increasing figures of dogs that are diagnosed with joint disease, dog breeders are becoming more and keener to produce pure breeds that do not suffer any bad health or disease predisposing from their parents.

Joint Disease becoming Popular in Dogs

While breeders are very careful on producing the most pure dog breeds free from genetic or inherited health problems, it is practically impossible to ensure that dogs are 100% free from hereditary conditions. Nevertheless nature will always take its own course as we all come with blemishes and scars. Joint problems have promoted many pharmaceuticals to produce supplements that can be used to avert the developed of joint diseases in dogs that are more predisposed to joint problems.

A good example of such a breed is German shepherd that is genetically predisposed to hip dysplasia. Due to such cases manufacturers have produced specific diets and supplements that are useful for management and prevention of development of joint illness. In this hub I would like to talk about one supplement that veterinarians commonly recommend for dogs with joint health problems. I want to discuss dasuquin about its use, its effectiveness and whether it heals or prevents joint diseases.

Dasuquin for Dogs is it Worth it ?

Just like humans joint problem is a common problem that is observed as dogs grow old. Some of the most common joint disease warning signs include limping, poor gait and uncoordinated movements. If you observe this signs in your dog you should examine him for trauma if you cannot see any of the obvious signs of trauma, you should think about consulting a vet for examination. Joint problems are easier to treat when they are identified at an earlier stage. The dog may in some cases show signs of reluctance to move or even walk. In severe cases the dog may not move at all and when forced it may be very painful. Dog arthritis is a serious concern that can be managed or its chances of development reduce with proper diet and care.

Dasuquin for dogs have been proven to be a reliable and effective supplement that dog owners can use for managing and reducing the chances of development of joint illness to dog breeds that are predisposed to joint illness. Just like COSEQUIN the supplement is recommended to hasten healing and recovery of joint and cartilage related traumas. Dasuquin for dogs consist of tablets that are easy to chew with the active ingredient glucosamine hydrochloride combined with Chondroitin sulfate that is important compound for bone and cartilage health.

My thoughts about Dasuquin for Dogs

I have from time to time encountered dogs that have severe joint problems and this is one of most frustrating cases that you can come across. It is therefore necessary that dog owners identify signs of lameness at early stage for treatment to be effected from early stage of the joint disease. Only then can we confidently say that nutritional supplements like Dasuquin or cosequin will be effective as prophylactic treatments.

There have been several cases of success in management of dog joint illness with the help of these supplements but the most critical issue here is timing. You should have the right timing for the results of these supplements to work. In practice I have also found these supplements to be effective when used in dog breeds that are more likely to develop join disease. In conclusion I would only recommend use of the supplements for prophylactic purposes in dogs diagnosed or suspected to have join illnesses. If you are not sure about your dog problem the best thing is to consult with your veterinarian or contact me to answer any of your questions or offer further assistance.


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