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Dealing with animal amputation! Harder for the pet or the owner?

Updated on January 20, 2012

We always have fun!

The beginning

A shout came to the basement stairs. For me it sounded like a huge siren as if the Nazis had found there way back through time and the people in the streets we're being assaulted. I ran up the stairs to my dad's partner to see what the fuss was about. A pile of blood mixed with some weird liquid substance had been on the main hall floor. I followed into the room and could not believe my eyes. Our dog serenity had puppies, ten to be exact. Overwhelmed with excitement I could not believe my eyes. 5 white and 5 black, completely jumbled together each with their own unique design that made them distinctive from on another. By this time it was to hard to tell any of them apart as far as the white and black color goes. A month had passed and I knew I wanted a puppy from her liter. I almost sounded like a repeating tape recorder until my dad caved in and allowed me to have a pick at the liter. I was so excited I was having more trouble then met the eye.

My choice

Their was one in particular that always caught my eye. Every-time I held this pint size puppy I almost knew immediately fate has found a way to show me happiness. What sealed the deal for me is we we're just laying on the coach and I was letting her run all over me. She managed to climb on my head and pissed all down my face. I was so shocked and embarrassed all I could do is laugh and scream at the same time. Of course not at her, but the fact I actually got peed on by a dog. Instantly I picked her out of the bunch and could not have been more happier. Her name came natural as inevitable I named her Mystic. A guess anyone! From the dark crystal, the wicked Skesis and the peaceful Mystics. I am the sap who loves animals so much I initially gave her a full name. Mystic Ieaika Lynn Kitsos, also know as MILK. She was a star in my eyes and I will would go more then above and beyond for her.

The incident

You always believe that things will never happen out of the blue. Especially when your month is going good, you never stop to think that maybe it is all too good to be true. I was visiting a relative with my dad and normally we would go over and play cards or watch a movie. I get a call and my aunt answers the phone. By this time I was so in my own little world of playing cards it really never dawned upon me to stop and focus on the conversation. My aunt looks at me and tells me something happened to your dog. I was confused, my dog is my life so it kinda set-me back a little. She told me my brother had called so immediately I get up and run out the front door and call to get a better understanding of what was going on. My brother told me he has let her out and the gate was open and she was hit by a car. Instantly I started screaming, cussing and fell to my knees. I was immediately rushed over to my house and could feel my conscious start to fade. I as soon as I went in to the house you could tell something was different, something was not right. Normally the house is full of barks when anyone enters the home. I ran to the bedroom and you could tell she was in shock laying on the bed. I screamed punched the wall, my brother was faded into the drugs he has been taking so it was almost pointless to talk to him. Foreshadowing a little it always dawned on me that why he let my dog out in the first place. My brother does nothing for me, so the one time he goes to show gratitude my dog gets run over by a vehicle when letting her out, what kind of crap is that. I pick her up tears bawling in my eyes wrapped in a sheet and take her to med vet.

The run around

I get Mystic to the med vet and they immediately rushed her to the back on a stretcher. I did not know what was going on at the time, but they told me that they could not start the process until some form of payment was registered. I was pissed. It baffles me that it was more lets figure out financially what we could do, then we will see what we can do for your animal. So they cast her leg up and gave me an x-ray ( 500 $ procedure) and they told me to follow up with my vet for further instructions. I was pissed and of course they gave me medication for her so that may have been my only silver lining through the whole process. We get home and immediately I put her in the cage and had to find a way to immobilize her. I laid half way in the cage as the metal bar gnawed into my side the whole night just so I could be next to her and monitor any breathing patterns. The process was scandalous as for two weeks I tried to find a vet to do reconstructive surgery. The procedure was to expensive almost anywhere you went so amputation was brought into play. People in my inner family kept giving me places to go and they always failed for you had to pay the whole amount up front. Frustrated finally I called my original Vet, which I should of did in the first place instead of bouncing from place to place in a two week span. That is family for you though, always give them the upper hand or benefit of the doubt when really you should just listen to your own common sense.

The procedure

The amputation cost about 1000$ and my vet allowed me to pay half up front and then make payments to payoff the other half. I was so relieved and thankful I could barely speak at the time. They kept her over night and immediately the next day I got to go see her and pick her up to take her home. For the first couple days it was mandatory to limit movement as much as possible. Like for the two weeks when she had the cast on I carried her in and outside every time she has to go to the restroom. All though having a huge cast on still with your leg and pelvic bone shattered, it was uncomfortable for her to even attempt going to the restroom and was even more painful to watch.

A wonderful tale

It can be sad sometimes, I look over and it is a constant flashback to what we had to go through for a month, but when it is something you love so much, instinct will take over and allow you to do things you could not imagine. Not everyone has a story that turns out like mine. I was told it is harder for the owner to deal with then it is for the dog to actually experience. Which is 100% right on the money. I am thankful and happy though, because even though she may only have three legs, she is still apart of my life with me today and that is something to be gratified about.


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