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Decreasing animal population

Updated on September 13, 2015

Kalivi Kodi


batta meka


Save animals and birds

When there was no man on the earth, only one animal species per year could extinct. This is quite natural. But... nowadays, one species are disappearing every 20 minutes. The tiger is our national animal. The Royal Bengal tiger is seen more in India and Bangladesh.

Once, there were thousands of tigers in the forests. At present their number has decreased considerably in our country. It is worrying thing that the number of Batta Meka pakshi (bird), Kalivi Kodi and Punganur cow is decreasing day by day. Unless we take measures to protect them, they will surely disappear.

The bird vulture, its 2 feet in height. It has not been seen in our state for some years. If you find this in your area, you are requested to inform the Biodiversity Society of Andhra Pradesh immediately. It is interesting to know that the informers will be paid 2 lakh rupees as a reward.

Whose earth is this? Is it only for humans beings? This earth is for different species like trees, animals, birds, fish etc. The nature provides sufficient food and water to all living things. Animals take their daily food according to their requirement only. They don't grab and store from nature. But the man rules the world by saying `everything is mine!' He is using more than his genuine requirements. Modern man does not care for other species and tries to get everything for himself. He wants to enjoy all the natural wealth now itself. This is greed. Gautama Buddha said that `wants and greed make our life sorrowful'. All living creatures have equal right to enjoy the natural resources on the earth.

Man is the only reason and responsible for pollution. Due to the mixing of pesticides, waste products and chemicals from factories with water and rivers many creatures that live in water are dying. Think ... what problems the animals and birds are facing due to the plastics invented by the modern man. The cattle are dying by eating the plastic covers thrown by us.

Bengal tiger



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