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Strengthening the bond with your dog

Updated on December 24, 2015

Having a dog is synonymous to having a companion who comforts you at very step and fills your life with joy and warmth. However,you might at times have felt that your dogs are not as close to you as you want them to be. Or it might be the case that your dogs show more affection towards other family member(s) than you. After all, every one has favourites!

Fret not. You can certainly succeed in becoming your dogs' favourite cuddle buddies, partners in crime and playmates.


1. Spend more time

This might seem obvious yet this is the most effective way. Spending time with your pets is the simplest way to show them that you care. Work and other engagements may not allow you to spend a lot of time with your furry friends so you need to modify your schedule to accommodate their needs.

  • Ditch the gym- An hour of physical exercise is essential for the body so why not make this hour of the day the most cherished one for your pets? Instead of running on the treadmill, go for a jog with your dogs. This can help you observe their habits and behaviour as well. Go on a little adventure everyday with your dogs and they are sure to shower you with kisses.
  • Car rides- Got to go to a restaurant to pick up a takeaway? Or to the grocery store for buying some essentials? Why not let your dogs tag along?! Seeing them jumping with excitement is sheer bliss and fetches you some brownie points for sure.
  • Opting for pet-friendly places- Instead of going to the regular places, look for restaurants,shopping centres and other public places that welcome pets. This not just gives you more time to spend but also makes the experience a lot more fun and memorable.


2. Learn to communicate

Actions do speak louder than words in case of animals. Dogs can make out a lot from your body language, gestures and facial expressions so make sure there is clarity and consistency in your behaviour with them. Some suggestions are:

  • Always appreciate and award them when they obey you. Use the same words of appreciation or gestures every time.
  • Do not puzzle them by trying to teach too many commands. Take it slowly giving them time to learn.
  • Maintain eye contact while talking. If they look carefully at you, while you are talking to them it shows that they are trying to understand what you are saying.


3. Touch your pooches like you mean it

An assuring touch can do wonders for a relationship. Put a little extra effort while patting. Be gentle, loving and give them relaxing massages once in a while. Gentle pats are also proven to calm down hyperactive dogs and help them recover from stress related problems. Seeing your dog melt by that warm touch will be therapeutic for you as well.

4. Let them socialise

Dogs love to make friends, both human and furry. Take your pooches to canine events happening in town and do not stop them from playing with other dogs and people. Dogs too have the desire to socialise and it is imperative for the owners to encourage and reinforce social skills in them. Well socialised dogs tend to be friendlier and resilient to their environment. This will also make them feel special and help in deepening their bond with you.


5. Be playful

Awaken the inner kid in you while spending time with your dog. Make the routine activities like bathing, feeding or walking your dog fun. Invent your own games and have a gala time while playing them with your dog. Dogs don't need a reason to be happy and so don't you. Keep a happy atmosphere and this is of course not difficult to do in the presence of wagging tails.


5. Do not overdo it

Do not make your dogs run away from you by being too cuddly and mushy all the time. Give them their space. Also don't keep them busy with you the whole day with games and other activities. Let them rest and come to you on their own. As it is said excess of everything is bad. Pampering them beyond a limit can spoil them and they might not even listen to you. It is important to maintain your authority over them.


6.Be punctual

Dogs have a mental clock running in their mind. They know when it's "pee' O clock" and get restless if the timing is disturbed.So you should make a proper schedule of their activities and try to be as punctual as possible. In a way it is a blessing in disguise as it helps incorporate punctuality in your lifestyle.


7.Go on vacations

You don't have to feel guilty throughout your trip for leaving your pooches behind. Go on a road trip or hiking with your pooches the next time and you'll discover a lot more about their behaviour and interests. There are a lot of excellent pet friendly accommodations available that are sure to make the experience memorable. So start planning right away!

To sum it all up, be expressive: show them you care and give them your time. You are all set to make your way in their heart!


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