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Deer Hubs

Updated on December 11, 2017

This is an index to all my hubs on the subject of deer, including all members of the mammalian family Cervidae. Why do I like deer? Read a few of these hubs and you will see! Not only are deer fascinating, so are the people who study, hunt, drive or care for them as pets.

People and Deer

My articles about human-animal interactions involving deer.

Deer just chilling with his homegirl.
Deer just chilling with his homegirl. | Source

Unusual Deer

  • Deer with unusual teeth--a.k.a. vampire or fang deer, deer with missing teeth
  • Freak deer antlers--Is it acceptable to breed freak deer with large antlers just to hunt them as trophies?
  • Antlered Does--Females deer with horns are not typical in most deer species, but they do occur under certain unusual circumstances.
  • One-antlered deer with growth--a vintage photograph of a deer suffering from a curious medical condition.
  • Three legged deer--Dogged deer triumph over adversity.
  • Dork deer--Brachygnathia (undershot jaw) in deer, is it happening more often.

Color Morphs

Deer with his fanclub
Deer with his fanclub | Source

Deer Look-Alikes

  • The deer-cow--the farmer thought this was a stag x cow hybrid. Genetically this explanation is impossible, but how else can this weird calf be explained?

I am always open to new ideas for deer articles and hub, and for stories and photographs you might have to share on this topic of unusual deer of all types.


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