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Keeping and Caring for a Demasoni Cichlid

Updated on August 6, 2012
Demasoni Cichlids are smaller Cichlids from Lake Malawi, growing to be only about 3" in length. But don't let their size fool you. They can show plenty of aggression.
Demasoni Cichlids are smaller Cichlids from Lake Malawi, growing to be only about 3" in length. But don't let their size fool you. They can show plenty of aggression.

Caring for a Demasoni Cichlid can be tricky if you don't have the right information but once you take the time to understand the basics you shouldn't have a problem keeping a Demasoni Cichlid as a pet. This popular fish is hardy and small which makes it pretty easy to house and care for. You don't need a big aquarium or a bunch of food in order to watch this particular kind of fish flourish.

However they can be aggressive so it is important to keep them apart from other fish species in order to minimize any aggression. You can keep more than one of these cichlids together in the same tank though. Many experts recommend keeping anywhere from six to ten of them in the same tank at a time. Just a few simple steps are all you have to follow in order to make sure that your Demasoni cichlid is well taken care of.

Tunnels and Caves

Providing a Demasoni Cichlid with plenty of rocks to swim around and to claim as their own territory will help to make sure peace is between every fish who lives together in the tank. This will keep them busy, happy, and out of each other's way. Demasoni Cichlids are from lake Malawi and are used to living in, and around rocks that provide tunnels and caves for them to swim in.

One Male in an Aquarium

It is important to ensure that no more than one male is kept in a tank at a time. Males show extra aggression towards other males and keeping more than one in a home aquarium can spell trouble. Group an individual male with several different female cichlids and you will find that the whole clan remains pretty happy and healthy without any problems.

Temperature Counts

You should make sure that the temperature in your tank is between 72 degrees and 77 degrees if you want your Demasoni Cichlid clan to thrive. These fish are used to the warmer waters of lake Malawi and require the same ware temperature to maintain healthy. Keeping the temperature in this range will provide them with the perfect climate for their livelihood.

Feeding the Demasoni Cichlid

The Demasoni Cichlid species is vegetarian and prefer a diet high in sea vegetables including spirulina. There are special Cichlid food formulas on the market to choose from that will ensure that your fish get the right kind of nutrition on a regular basis. Specially formulated commercial foods have all the proper nutrients that these Cichlids need to be healthy and strong. Feed them several times per day and feed them only what can be consumed in five minutes. Keep a couple different brands of food to give some variety to your Cichlids.

Buying Your Demasoni Cichlids

If you think you would like to keep some of these beautiful Cichlids from Lake Malawi the next step is finding healthy vibrant fish to buy. I recommend either finding a local breeder of buying from a breeder online. By purchasing your fish from a breeder you are getting them from the place that they were raised and your fish will not have been through the stress of being shipped from breeder to the local pet store. Places like Live Fish Direct, take care to raise strong and healthy fish and will give you the healthiest fish for your home aquarium.

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    • davenmidtown profile image

      David Stillwell 6 years ago from Sacramento, California

      I have always thought these were one of the few schooling Cichlids. They are beautiful. Another great article!

    • DIY Backlinks profile image

      DIY Backlinks 6 years ago

      Nice looking fishes :)