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Designer Dog Collars - Haute Couture For Your Dog

Updated on February 4, 2013
A Collar Collar
A Collar Collar | Source

Unlimited Choices

You are a fashionista. Why shouldn't you include your dog? The fashion industry has not forgotten your dog. Fashion designers include dog collars, dog harnesses, dog beds and dog clothing in their style lines. Whatever strikes your fancy at the moment or is currently in vogue is also available for your dog.

Whether shopping for dog collars for small dogs or dog collars for large dogs, the choices are unlimited. For the princess in your life try a doggie collar with rhinestones, charms, bows or Swarovski crystal. The diva dog will love a collar decorated with crochet flowers, zebra stripes or a leopard skin print. Your lovely little girl may enjoy the simple things in life. A Coach or Louis Vuitton collar may suit her just fine. Don't forget the guy in your life.

Collars for male dogs include the punk rock spiked collars, collars with collars, leather collars with sterling silver tags and the preppy look; printed collars or plaid collars. These fantastic designer collars will help your dog look more handsome than ever.

We pamper our pets because we love them. They become a part of our family. They are family members. By treating them with something special you not only make yourself feel good, you also give your dog some well deserved special attention.

The selection of designers dog collars described below is only a small taste of what is on the market. I have chosen dog collars by brand and also by the fashion statement that they make. These are fun looks. Take a peek.

Coach Collars

This luxury leather goods company has not forgotten your dog. Founded in 1941, Coach, Inc. produce luxury handbags, wallets, belts, shoes and of course; dog collars.

In 1995, the then CEO, Lewis Frankfurt, is known for making designer bags affordable. The company designed a mid-line bag that was neither too extravagantly priced or considered a department store knock-off. This filled a need in America's designer bag void and over 500 Coach stores have been opened.

Consider a fine quality Coach collar for your dog. Coach accessories for dogs are the perfect gift for the pet lover and are a great way to accessorize your dog. Most coach collars come in a nice gift box and matching leashes are available.

Preppy Collars - Printed and Plaid

Preppy collars are fun to buy for your dog because they are usually inexpensive and brightly colored or printed with fun shapes or plaids. Inspired by the Izod shirts and printed chinos of the preppy era, preppy dog collars can be switched daily to give your dog a different style.

Many preppy collars are made with grosgrain ribbon sewn over a nylon fabric. This construction makes them extremely durable and more resistant to wet weather than a leather collar would be.

If you are a fan of Vera Bradley, these collars are right up your alley. Collar colors can be ordered to match your Vera handbag so that both you and your dog are riding in high style.

Preppy Doggie

Fiona Takes Pride in Her Collar
Fiona Takes Pride in Her Collar | Source

The Options are Endless

There is such a variety of styles devoted to designer dog collars that you may have a tough time deciding which collar to buy for your pet. Make a game of it. Match your dog's personality to his or her collar. Try:

  • A spiked biker color for the rough and rumble brute in your life.
  • A zebra striped collar for your dotted Dalmatian - opposites attract!
  • Your Golden Retriever who loves splashing in the water might benefit by wearing a tough yet eco-friendly organic hemp collar.
  • Do you live in the West? Try a leather collar with sterling silver conch adornments.
  • Your punk guy might like leather and a skull and crossbones.

Your Little Princess

The sweetest dogs deserve the prettiest things. Dog collars for the princess in your life are truly beautiful. They can be sparkly and shiny, just the perfect bling for your sweet pup.

Swarovski crystal dog collars are very popular and come in sizes for both small and large dogs. Some Swarovski dog collars are simple yet elegant and other are sweet and dainty. Often the crystal dog collars may include a sparkling charm or other dazzling elements.

Sweeten up your sugar pie with the girliest of girl dog collars; the Swarovski crystal collar. So pretty! These cute little collars come adorned with charms at the neck and add a splash of color to your dog's wardrobe.

Another cute choice for your girlie girl is a collar shaped like a shirt collar.


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    • profile image

      Tiffany John 4 years ago

      Nice Post.I have to say those are pretty cool looking.I have to say those are pretty cool looking ! To be honest with you my dog won’t wear his collar just flat out hates it! Which is ok I guess because he is an indoor dog, and we put a harness on him when we walk him twice a day.still, I wonder if a nice Dog Collar flower like one of these would suit him better?

    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 5 years ago from Florida

      Interesting Hub. I don't use a collar for my little Schnauzer; I'd rather use a halter. I like dog collars for other dogs, but I'm always afraid my dog will bolt for a squirrel and choke herself!

      I voted this Hub UP, etc.