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Detailed Guide on How To Breed Angelfish For Beginner to Expert

Updated on January 30, 2015

My Favorite Angelfish Pair


Baby Fish Are A lot Like Human Babies

Breeding any type of fish can be very rewarding but at the same time a little bit of a hassle. But why a hassle? Well with the rewards of baby fish comes baby responsibility. You have to clean the baby's environment like a water change. Also you have to feed the baby which leads to more clean up (water change) because we all know babies are messy eaters. You must care for the baby and provide proper check ups regularly(like testing of water and again water changes). But as much of a pain as that sounds it is truly worth every 5 gallon bucket toted around for some strong arm workouts.

Breeding Setup For Angelfish

Female Angelfish

First Comes The Setup of The Tank For Angelfish Breeding

The above video goes over the proper setup that is used for breeding angelfish and the proper ways on how to set up and have things working to get those little angels to start a little angelfish family of their own. As you can see it doesn't involve a whole lot so remember not to go overboard it could even stress you and your angelfish out. The basics are a piece of slate or clay pot, a broad leaf plant, you can use plastic but live is better, then a sponge filter and a bare bottom tank.

Telling A Male From Female Angelfish

This is the part where it can get tricky. Sexing angelfish is said to be done by looking for a lump on the forehead of the male and a smooth slope on the female but that isn't always the case.

What works for me is buying 4-6 at a $10 size and letting them grow out and pair off. if feed a lot of frozen food 2-3 times a day they pair off fast. The video below this has up close pictures of the male and female.

At the end of the video it shows you detailed up close pictures of each gender so that way it makes it a little easier on you when you are looking at your angelfish that you may want to breed.

Pictures Of Male and Female at 50 second mark

My Experience on Breeding Angelfish

I was a hobbyist breeder that turned into a larger breeder for profit. The love of the fish started me into it and an urge to better the strains. I have since taken a break and only house a bunch of tanks with a large assortment of fish. I currently have three 55 gallon tanks, one 38 gallon, two 20 gallon tanks an 7 gallon nano saltwater tank. If you have any questions check me out on youtube and send me a message I will try to respond to you as quick as possible. Currently I have bred over 75 different fish and try my best to get that out on my videos. I currently have over 400 videos on my youtube with tons of fish related videos that you will enjoy. So Check It Out

Angelfish Laying Eggs

Angelfish Lay Eggs On

What do Angelfish Breed On?

Finding something that angelfish willl breed on can be as tricky as breeding them. But with most pairs they will breed on somethin in your tank but never what you want them to breed on. Mine have laid eggs on heater, clay pots, the aquarium glass, plants, filter intakes, slate rock. So it's all about giving them a couple chooses that's why i provide, a piece of slate rock, a broad leaf plant, and a clay pot sometimes as well.

Here is The Angelfish Fry Upclose

Questions on Breeding Angelfish

There are a lot of unanswered questions out there that I will go over in this next video. Everything from conditioning parents, to raising fry, and much more. You will love this if you have any weird questions that you can't find the answer for.

Questions Answered

Angelfish Eggs Hatching

The Whole Detailed Guide On Raising Angelfish Fry




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      david 3 years ago

      hi fish guy how many hours after the eggs hatch should i feed the fry